Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day, a holiday where sons and daughters nationwide scramble to pick the best gift for their Mother. Do you want to really impress her this year? Our jewelry and style experts have compiled a few pieces that are trendy, beautiful, and at a reasonable price! Don’t wait until the last minute again, really dazzle her with a gift you know she will love! We have a huge selection offering variety and elegance… you can NEVER go wrong with jewelry on Mother’s Day!

Gifts Under $200

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Outdoor Wedding Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!

Outdoor weddings are of the most popular amongst young lovers, stunning in photos and a true enhancer of the romantic element. But what your wedding photos don’t show is all the small mishaps that occur during an outdoor wedding. Luckily, we have tips and tricks that could make all the difference on your day!

1. Depending on the season, prepare accordingly to keep your guests comfortable. If you are having a spring or summer wedding make sure to have a lot of cold water bottles. The sun will heat them up if they are sitting out, so either put them in a cooling case or have your servers switch them out hourly. To spice it up you could even get custom water bottle labels! Cute and refreshing! This will keep your guests hydrated, after all you don’t want anyone passing out at the reception!


2. You can never have too much backup! When planning for an outdoor wedding it never hurts to have another location for the celebration in case the weather is not ideal for that day. Include this backup location in the invitation. This way it is organized and your guests will not be frantic when they see rain the day of.


3. This factor is always overseen — WIND! It can ruin your decorations and your hair! Avoid very light paper decorations sitting on tables without something holding them down. Plan for a windy event and chose your bridesmaids’ dresses accordingly — especially if your wedding is at the beach! As for the hair, keep an on location hairstylist available (just in case) and inform them that you are having an outdoor wedding so they can plan appropriately.


4. Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful, but most people do not take into consideration the noise factor from the waves. The last thing you want is for the waves to be roaring while you are trying to deliver your vows. Keep a sound system near the wedding to avoid noise complications.


5. When it comes to your food, make sure to tell your caterer in advance that the wedding will take place in an outdoor location. You want to avoid any food getting spoiled and stinking up the place. A lot of foods will not taste good outside, so do your tasting in an outdoor setting.


6. Alcohol leaves the body dehydrated, keep plenty of other refreshments at the reception. For a summer or spring wedding, lemonade or tea is very festive! This will dress up your wedding and add color to the area while keeping your guests hydrated.


7. Outdoor wedding = outdoor creatures. Bugs can become a real issue during your reception. You want to avoid your guests constantly swatting the air. Simple fix… candles! Candles will keep the atmosphere bug free and smelling great!


8. The time of day you choose is crucial when it comes to outdoor weddings. You do not want it to be during the sun’s peek, but you want to enjoy the beauty it has to offer. The best way to get the best of both worlds is to exchange vows during sunset — romantic and beautiful. Plan for a nightime wedding ceremony and everyone is happy.


9. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be getting kicked out of your own wedding! Make sure if you are having your wedding in a public place to get permission from the city. Getting a permit is very important and the easiest way to ruin the whole day. Do not over see this tip!

A couple places that require permit:

> Crescent Bay Park — Laguna Beach, California

> Central Park — New York, New York

> All Beachs in Hawaii

> Hatteras Island — Outer Banks, North Carolina

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Wedding Ideas for Spring!


Wedding planners have their hands FULL because the most romantic time of year is here! There is no question that the season of spring is the best time of year to get married. The rebirth of flowers, fresh new air, and talk of vacation has people of all walks of life in a lovey-dovey spirit! For your spring wedding, emphasize the season by using floral and pastel colors such as pink, lilac, mint, and light yellow. Stay away from dark colors such as deep red and navy — save that for winter or fall! Take advantage of the wonderful weather and throw a bash in a battanical garden full of assorted blooming flowers! For your wedding invitations, somehow find a way to incorporate flowers to get your guests in the spirit. But which flowers to use? Tulips are IN this season, so go wild, you can never have enough color! You can even  make your menu colorful and spring-esque. Serve beautiful fruity cocktails using assorted different colors like — strawberry martinis with colored sugar on the rim, or an orange fushion cocktail with lemon! This will really spruce up the appearance of the wedding and encourage your guests to try it! Don’t be shy when it comes to your wedding cake, top with crystallized fruit and plenty of colorful icing. Last but not least, the table arrangement! This section is the most fun and does the most justice for your wedding party. Assemble your table with beautiful assorted orchids in the center of your table. Start with a main color which is predominant in the group and then add a little bit of another color in which matches the plates on the table. You can even put a small bouquet on every seat by surprising your guests with a splash of color! Your tables refreshments can also be colored by adding cucumbers or lemons to the water, thirst quenching and beautiful!


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Top Destination Wedding Spots!


What is better than a vacation with your closest friends and family, as well as a romantic getaway with your soon to be? Destination weddings are all the rage, giving you and all your guests an excuse to flee the known and enjoy a foreign place. Whether you enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean or the Alps of New Zealand, a destination wedding is for everyone! We have combined a list of all the hottest and most luxurious locations around the world, giving you variety and a glimpse at bliss. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

Viceroy Anguilla – Meads Bay, Anguilla



This resort exceeds expectation with their slogan alone, “service without limits.” Choosing from many breathtaking locations from a private crystalline beach to a cliffside arrangement, your ceremony setting will not be anthing short of magnificant. The Viceroy Anguilla is located in the Caribean Sea, just left of heaven.

Castello di Vicarello – Cinigiano, Italy




This hidden castle truely grasps the essense of secluded, romantic, and magical. It sits beautifully on the top of a hill two hours outside Florence. If you are seeking that fairtale wedding, search no more. Be completely surronded by majestic views during ‘i do’.

Montelucia Resort & Spa – Scottsdale, Arizona



For all you desert lovers, you have came to the right place. Looking to get that foreign feel but don’t want to leave the country? The Montelucia Resort and Spa in Arizon is compiled of beautiful mountains in the background and a wonderful place to have a destination wedding, you don’t even need a passport!

The Oberoi Udaivilas – Udaipur, India


Morning Poolside at the Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur, India


Step into the palace of all palaces. This resort’s uniqueness proves to be a perfect place for your destination wedding. If you are looking to really wow your guests, this is the place for you! AND your guests will arrive via boat, what is more fabulous than that!?

Alila Ubud Resort – Payangan, Bali


Last, but certainly not least, the Alila Ubud Resort in Payangan, Bali. This resort is the epitome of exotic. The Alila Ubud is the perfect place to wed if you want an orphic and enchanting experience. Retreat to a place surrounded by botanicals and tropical forests. But the scenery does not end at your cerenmony location. Rooms, restaurants, and spas capture the beauty that is embedded in the property. Enjoy your awakening by breakfast in bed while grasping the mountain you are literally in the middle of. This resort is a one way ticket to vacation heaven.


Jewelry trends for spring 2013


spring flowers

This spring and summer it’s all about color,color,color! The bigger and bolder the better! Runaways are gleeming with colorful pieces and really emphasizing that spring fever we all know and love. As winter is ending, what better way to celebrate the snow melting then with splashes of bright colors. Many of the hottest trends are 60’s inspired, so conquer your inner Tracy Turnblad and hop on the band wagon! Earrings are the newest statement piece which really accents the face with color pops. This spring you can’t go wrong with a mint satchel, wedge, or necklace. Color blocking is all the rage so don’t be afraid to pair colors together that wouldn’t normally be combined. Go with a nuetral outfit and an abundence of colorful accessories and jewelry to really compliment that spring essence! It is the season to be daring when it comes to your jewelry, go ahead, take that leep into accessory heaven!


Meet the Diamond Expert, Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen is the fifth generation of a family of fine jewelers and diamond experts. Interestingly enough the family business was passed down from an uncle to a nephew each generation. Eyal’s uncle is one of the top diamond dealers in Hong Kong. Eyal received his Gemologist Degree from a private school in 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel, where he was born. He pursued a career in Counter-terrorism until he was called for duty in 1996 by his uncle. Eyal’s uncle wanted him to begin working for the family business in diamonds and fine jewelry.
Eyal entered the Diamond Industry after finishing his MBA in Business.
Eyal and his wife Elise Cohen own Diamonds by Eyal. Whether you visit Diamonds by Eyal to repair your jewelry, sell old gold, or purchase an engagement ring for your beloved, you will truly appreciate Eyal’s presence.

Why do you spend time educating customers about diamonds and jewelry?

I invest time in educating customers because I appreciate when others take the time to share their knowledge with me, specifically when it is regarding a significant purchase. Most jewelry store personnel will not invest time in teaching their clients. It is much easier to lay out the details of a jewelry piece or diamond without explaining them. Diamonds and jewelry are really big purchases. It’s important that my clients understand what they are buying. Once they comprehend the piece they will know the value. The more you know, the less you pay.

What’s your most memorable day yet at Diamonds by Eyal?

Everyday is an adventure. I love meeting new people, educating my customers and helping them get the best for their money.

What fills your spare time?

I love to spend time with my wife and children. I recently started plaing tennis and I am loving the game.