Loose Diamonds Boca Raton | Tips When Buying Loose Diamonds

Do you know that a lot of high-quality diamonds are actually being sold as loose diamonds Boca Raton? There are plenty of jewelry shops that sell loose diamonds allowing you to choose the quality, size, and shape of the diamonds you want. The reason why loose diamonds are highly sought after is that it allows people to create their own personal jewelry design. You see, sometimes, even if you’ve checked out all jewelry stores in your locality you just can’t seem to find the design that best represents your style and personality. Well, you don’t have to you just need to invest in loose diamonds but before you swipe that credit card we’ve come up with a couple of tips that will help you find the perfect loose diamond for your jewelry.

How to Find the Best Loose Diamonds

The Diamonds Must Be AGS or GIA Certified

You can’t assess a diamond by simply looking at it. Just because it sparkles doesn’t mean it holds great value. The best way to accurately assess loose diamonds is to look at its grading report from the American Gem Society Laboratories or from the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is responsible for creating the 4Cs grading system meanwhile AGS pioneered the grading system for diamond cuts. It’s important that the diamonds you choose are graded by these respected non-profit institutions because these diamonds are thought to be impartial and accurate.

Choose Your Diamond Shape

One of the ways to choose loose diamonds is to decide on a shape you want. The most popular shape is brilliant round because of its timeless and classic look. This shape is also widely available in the jewelry market. You wouldn’t have a hard time finding it. The shapes that cost less are princess cut, cushion, and oval. In fact, if you choose these shapes you can save up to 20% for every carat.

where are good loose diamonds boca raton?

Are You Ready to Shop for Loose Diamonds Boca Raton?

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