Outdoor Wedding Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!

Outdoor weddings are of the most popular amongst young lovers, stunning in photos and a true enhancer of the romantic element. But what your wedding photos don’t show is all the small mishaps that occur during an outdoor wedding. Luckily, we have tips and tricks that could make all the difference on your day!

1. Depending on the season, prepare accordingly to keep your guests comfortable. If you are having a spring or summer wedding make sure to have a lot of cold water bottles. The sun will heat them up if they are sitting out, so either put them in a cooling case or have your servers switch them out hourly. To spice it up you could even get custom water bottle labels! Cute and refreshing! This will keep your guests hydrated, after all you don’t want anyone passing out at the reception!


2. You can never have too much backup! When planning for an outdoor wedding it never hurts to have another location for the celebration in case the weather is not ideal for that day. Include this backup location in the invitation. This way it is organized and your guests will not be frantic when they see rain the day of.


3. This factor is always overseen — WIND! It can ruin your decorations and your hair! Avoid very light paper decorations sitting on tables without something holding them down. Plan for a windy event and chose your bridesmaids’ dresses accordingly — especially if your wedding is at the beach! As for the hair, keep an on location hairstylist available (just in case) and inform them that you are having an outdoor wedding so they can plan appropriately.


4. Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful, but most people do not take into consideration the noise factor from the waves. The last thing you want is for the waves to be roaring while you are trying to deliver your vows. Keep a sound system near the wedding to avoid noise complications.


5. When it comes to your food, make sure to tell your caterer in advance that the wedding will take place in an outdoor location. You want to avoid any food getting spoiled and stinking up the place. A lot of foods will not taste good outside, so do your tasting in an outdoor setting.


6. Alcohol leaves the body dehydrated, keep plenty of other refreshments at the reception. For a summer or spring wedding, lemonade or tea is very festive! This will dress up your wedding and add color to the area while keeping your guests hydrated.


7. Outdoor wedding = outdoor creatures. Bugs can become a real issue during your reception. You want to avoid your guests constantly swatting the air. Simple fix… candles! Candles will keep the atmosphere bug free and smelling great!


8. The time of day you choose is crucial when it comes to outdoor weddings. You do not want it to be during the sun’s peek, but you want to enjoy the beauty it has to offer. The best way to get the best of both worlds is to exchange vows during sunset — romantic and beautiful. Plan for a nightime wedding ceremony and everyone is happy.


9. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be getting kicked out of your own wedding! Make sure if you are having your wedding in a public place to get permission from the city. Getting a permit is very important and the easiest way to ruin the whole day. Do not over see this tip!

A couple places that require permit:

> Crescent Bay Park — Laguna Beach, California

> Central Park — New York, New York

> All Beachs in Hawaii

> Hatteras Island — Outer Banks, North Carolina

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