Take a look at our many services that range from jewelry repair to custom designs with you in mind.

You can always have the peace of mind that your jewelry is in the right hands. We have the best jeweler in South Florida using the most updated and sophisticated equipment in today’s market. The repair turnaround is quick and your jewelry pieces with be returned in a timely manner, and, as if you just purchased a new piece. Our jewelry repairs include: sizing, prong repairs, chain repairs, jewelry clasp and much more.

Attaining an appraisal is one of the most important steps when purchasing jewelry. At Diamonds by Eyal a trained professional diamond expert can provide you with accurate information and documentation regarding the value of your piece. The appraisal will be completed quickly for your convenience. It is recommended to re-appraise your jewelry every 5 years or so for insurance purposes.

Did you ever damage a piece of jewelry? Had a piece of jewelry stolen? Lost a precious piece of jewelry? Diamonds by Eyal recommends insuring your valuable pieces of jewelry in event that this will occur. Diamonds by Eyal is among the leaders of authorized companies that work directly with jewelry and diamond insurance agents. Upon any loss we will work directly with your insurance company to provide you with either a replacement or repair for your jewelry piece. All you need to do is contact the insurance company and notify them that you would like Diamonds by Eyal to directly work with them on your claim. We can assure you that by working with us you will get the best value for your insurance replacement.

Each piece of jewelry purchased makes a statement. Rarely does one forget the occasion when it is presented to them. The piece along with its story gets passed down from generation to generation. You may want that special piece to remain in your family but you want to update and modernize the piece that is dear to your heart. With the help of Diamonds by Eyal you can custom design the jewelry piece of your dreams. Diamonds by Eyal offers custom design diamond rings, pendants, earrings etc.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching, and can be cut or polished only by another diamond but an extremely hard blow to the girdle can cause a diamond to chip. By having your diamond set in a relatively protective setting, and remaining conscious of it on your finger, you can keep your diamond intact for a lifetime. Exposure during ordinary wear to perspiration and household chemicals, like chlorine and hairspray, can cause buildup that dulls the surface of a diamond. We suggest periodic cleanings to keep the diamond brilliant and refractive. Cleaning your Diamond

When you purchase a diamond at Diamonds by Eyal, you will receive a lifetime of cleaning, maintenance and inspections for your stone. From time to time, it is a good idea to have your diamond cleaned and have the security of the setting checked. Storing your Diamond Jewelry

We recommend that all diamond jewelry is stored individually in soft cloth pouches when not being worn to prevent the diamond or diamonds from scratching or dulling other jewelry.

Looking to sell your diamonds in Boca Raton? We will offer you the highest prices for your pieces. We buy all types of diamonds, gold, silver, jewelry, coins, pocket watches etc. If you are unsure of the value of your piece/pieces we will assess and provide you with its worth at no charge. It is your choice if you want to sell your gold, diamonds or estate jewelry and there will be no pressure. If you decided to sell your gold in Boca Raton we will pay you on the spot with cash, check, whatever is most convenient for you.

At the time of your purchase we will provide you with the option of gift wrapping your jewelry piece.

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