Meet the Diamond Expert, Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen is the fifth generation of a family of fine jewelers and diamond experts. Interestingly enough the family business was passed down from an uncle to a nephew each generation. Eyal’s uncle is one of the top diamond dealers in Hong Kong. Eyal received his Gemologist Degree from a private school in 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel, where he was born. He pursued a career in Counter-terrorism until he was called for duty in 1996 by his uncle. Eyal’s uncle wanted him to begin working for the family business in diamonds and fine jewelry.
Eyal entered the Diamond Industry after finishing his MBA in Business.
Eyal and his wife Elise Cohen own Diamonds by Eyal. Whether you visit Diamonds by Eyal to repair your jewelry, sell old gold, or purchase an engagement ring for your beloved, you will truly appreciate Eyal’s presence.

Why do you spend time educating customers about diamonds and jewelry?

I invest time in educating customers because I appreciate when others take the time to share their knowledge with me, specifically when it is regarding a significant purchase. Most jewelry store personnel will not invest time in teaching their clients. It is much easier to lay out the details of a jewelry piece or diamond without explaining them. Diamonds and jewelry are really big purchases. It’s important that my clients understand what they are buying. Once they comprehend the piece they will know the value. The more you know, the less you pay.

What’s your most memorable day yet at Diamonds by Eyal?

Everyday is an adventure. I love meeting new people, educating my customers and helping them get the best for their money.

What fills your spare time?

I love to spend time with my wife and children. I recently started plaing tennis and I am loving the game.


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