Wedding Ideas for Spring!


Wedding planners have their hands FULL because the most romantic time of year is here! There is no question that the season of spring is the best time of year to get married. The rebirth of flowers, fresh new air, and talk of vacation has people of all walks of life in a lovey-dovey spirit! For your spring wedding, emphasize the season by using floral and pastel colors such as pink, lilac, mint, and light yellow. Stay away from dark colors such as deep red and navy — save that for winter or fall! Take advantage of the wonderful weather and throw a bash in a battanical garden full of assorted blooming flowers! For your wedding invitations, somehow find a way to incorporate flowers to get your guests in the spirit. But which flowers to use? Tulips are IN this season, so go wild, you can never have enough color! You can even  make your menu colorful and spring-esque. Serve beautiful fruity cocktails using assorted different colors like — strawberry martinis with colored sugar on the rim, or an orange fushion cocktail with lemon! This will really spruce up the appearance of the wedding and encourage your guests to try it! Don’t be shy when it comes to your wedding cake, top with crystallized fruit and plenty of colorful icing. Last but not least, the table arrangement! This section is the most fun and does the most justice for your wedding party. Assemble your table with beautiful assorted orchids in the center of your table. Start with a main color which is predominant in the group and then add a little bit of another color in which matches the plates on the table. You can even put a small bouquet on every seat by surprising your guests with a splash of color! Your tables refreshments can also be colored by adding cucumbers or lemons to the water, thirst quenching and beautiful!


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