Pink Diamond 6.3 Million !

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamonds found on earth and they’re now trending! Can you believe it!? Eyal Cohen’s relatives at the London-Based Moussaieff Jewelers purchased this pink 8.77 carat diamond paying a whopping $721,200 per carat. Fortunately, pink diamonds are in demand among collectors and the diamond sold at Christie’s New York (auction house) for 6.3 million dollars. So where do pink diamonds actually come from? Pink diamonds are mostly mined in Australia, Africa, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Although, 90% of the words supply of pink diamonds comes from the Argyle mine, located in Australia.


In 2002, actor Ben Afflack presented Jennifer Lopez with a 2.5 Million Dollar stunning pink diamond ring from Harry Winston.


My Favorite pink diamond by far! In 2003 David Beckham purchased a 1.8 million 10 carat pink diamond ring for his wife Victoria.


In 2004 Enrique Iglesias bought his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova a 5.4 Million dollar pink diamond 11 carat ring.


In 2008 Ellen DeGeneres proposed to Portia de Rossi with a 3 carat diamond ring.


 It’s no doubt that we love pink diamonds so much, who doesn’t!

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