Fancy Shape Diamonds Boca Raton | All You Need to Know About Fancy Shape Diamonds

Since time immemorial, most people have always been interested in purchasing round cut diamonds. In fact, round cut diamonds are known to dominate the market. In order to diversify the diamond market, fancy shape diamonds Boca Raton were created. If you want to know more about these beautifully shaped stones, check out these facts:

Fancy Shape Diamonds are Gaining Popularity

Round cut diamonds have been recently on the rise and they’re not going anywhere soon. However, modern-day consumers are getting more interested in the customizable and tailored fancy shape diamonds. Fancy cut diamonds provide consumers the opportunity to pick a stone that’s able to show forth their unique aesthetic. In this age of personalization and engagement rings that are purely unconventional, fancy shape diamonds are beginning to gain huge popularity among consumers.

Most Colored Diamonds are Fancy Shape Diamonds

Did you know that in most cases, rough diamonds aren’t round-shaped? When rough stones are being cut into fancy shaped diamonds, the number one priority is to minimize waste. This especially applies to colored diamonds that are more costly and rare. For this reason, the diamond cutter usually uses the fancy cut to maximize the stone’s carat weight.

Certain Types of Jewelry Pair Well with Fancy Shape Diamonds

Aside from going well with engagement rings, fancy shape diamonds also pair well with earrings and pendants. Among the excellent choices for pendants are the heart and pear-shaped diamonds. The natural curve of a woman’s neckline will look more flattering with a pear-shaped diamond pendant. Likewise, the heart-shaped diamond easily catches the eye when it becomes a necklace centerpiece.  For earrings, nothing else fits perfectly than princess cut diamonds. In case you’re not aware, princess cuts tend to look larger than diamonds that have round cuts even with similar carat weight.

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