Sell Diamonds Boca Raton | Factors that Jewelers Look into When You Sell Your Diamonds

If you’re planning to sell diamonds Boca Raton that are just lying around unused or unwanted, then it’s best to learn what their attributes are and how it can affect their value. Unlike gold, diamonds have a lot of factors that a jeweler needs to consider before coming up with resale value. For someone inexperienced, it can get overwhelming and confusing, but understanding your diamonds’ characteristics can help give you an idea of your diamonds’ true value. Here are the factors that jewelers look into when you sell your diamonds:


Diamond cut refers to how a diamond’s angles, symmetry, and facet placement interacts with light. A diamond with a higher cut grade returns light through the crown, creating brilliance, while a diamond with a lower cut grade appears dull. Subtle differences in angle and symmetry can significantly affect the beauty of your diamond, affecting its value.


Despite being invisible to the untrained eye, a diamond’s color can affect its value. Your diamond’s color is measured from D to Z on a color scale. Any faint differences in color move your diamond closer to Z.


Clarity refers to the assessment of a diamond’s external imperfections called “blemishes” and its internal flaws called “inclusions”. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare. Most diamonds have microscopic defects that are formed during its formation under the Earth’s surface. So, if your diamond has very few blemishes and inclusions, then it likely has a higher clarity grade. Sell diamonds Boca Raton that is flawless for a greater value.


A lot of people confuse carat as the size of a diamond, but it refers to a diamond’s weight. Two diamonds can have the same carat weight, but one diamond may appear bigger than the other. The heavier your diamond is the higher its value.

Where to Sell Diamonds Boca Raton?

If you plan to sell diamonds Boca Raton, then make sure to work with an expert jeweler. At Diamonds By Eyal, we buy all types of diamonds. We will offer you the highest prices for your pieces. Sell your diamonds today! Contact us for inquiries or visit our website for more information.

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