Adorable Proposal Stories


Golden Gate Proposal


Proposal Date:                    06/10/2013
Proposal Location:                     California

On my 22nd birthday, my family, my boyfriend Philip, and I were spending the day in San Francisco.  We stopped to take pictures on Lombard Street, walked through the Fisherman’s Wharf, got ice cream at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, and the last stop was (of course) the Golden Gate Bridge.  Philip and I stood under the bridge to get a picture, and just as I was about to walk away to let someone else get their photo op, he said that there was one more picture we needed to get while we were there.  I couldn’t even process what was happening as he got down on one knee and offered me the ring.  I am so glad that my family was there to share the special day with us — and that they got so many great pictures!

Blue Moon Surprise



Proposal Location: New Jersey

Proposal Date: 08/31/2012

We were sitting at home and my fiancé brings up, “hey, we should go to the beach! Its such a nice night.” Since I love the beach anytime is a good time, but tonight was different. It was the Blue moon. We go to the same beach we had our first date. The moon was HUGE and very low hanging over the water. My fiancé says, “Oh wait, I’ll go back and get a blanket for us to sit on.” He goes back to the car and back to me, sits me on a lifeguard boat overturned in the sand, and in front of the moon reflecting waves and boats dotted along the sea horizon, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said Yes! Moments later fireworks are set off from the drawbridge along the jetties. His reaction was priceless, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”, he didn’t mean for it to happen but it was a nice surprise.

Pure Romance


Proposal Date:                    12/01/2012
Proposal Location:                     North Carolina

We’ve know each other since we were kids, and been in love nearly that long. He had come to spend the day with me, we took a walk just after sunset to the beach at the end of my road. Adam gave me a beautiful engraved photo album filled with pictures of us from the time we were kids until now. It made me cry, just a little! On the last page was a picture of my gorgeous ring, on which he’d written ‘will you marry me?’ I looked up, and he was on one knee. The colors were beautiful in the sky where we had shared our first kiss. It was perfect for two childhood sweethearts!

Surprise at Sunrise!


Proposal Date:                    07/04/2013
Proposal Location:                     Florida

The night before, my love asked me if I wanted to “dawn patrol” “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s when you go to the beach at sunrise to check if the tide is good for surfing.” he said. Knowing he wanted to surf the next day and though I am never up before sunrise I said “sure!” The next morning, coffee mugs in hand, we walked to the beach. After sitting down for a little, he said “hey lets walk down a little more” As we walked along the gorgeous beach, we stumbled upon an engraved sign stuck in the sand. “Omg babe, these people have the same initials as us!” I said (sorry folks I can be a little slow sometimes)  “Maybe it is us” he said. Under the sign was a shell that had been made into a jewelry box. I had no idea what happening until I opened the shell and saw the most beautiful canary diamond ring I had ever seen. I turned around and there he was bent on one knee and asked me to marry him with the sun peeking up behind the clouds. His friend was hiding and captured it all on camera!

Our Back to the Future Proposal


Proposal Location: Pennsylvania

Proposal Date: 04/13/2013

My fiance, Ivan, and I have been together for 8 years and our favorite movie is Back to the Future. In order to have a unique proposal, Ivan asked a friend of ours who works at the arts venue in town if he could get rights to and play Back to the Future at the movie theater. Our friend managed to get the rights and our close friends planned a movie outing.  Ivan said there were bonus features at the end, so we had to stick around after the credits.  The bonus features began with a shot of our neighborhood bar, and moved inside to an entire 5 min professional movie of my fiance using a time machine to travel into the future to see himself.  He comes to the present, runs through town, and ends up at the arts center. The movie stops and he proposes! Here’s a link to our video on youtube with the song he wrote me at the end!

Eric Proposes to a Dance Teacher


Proposal Date:                    06/15/2013
Proposal Location:                     Texas

Once upon a time there was a princess; she graces the stage in her final dance of the season, demanding the audience and lighting up the room with her exquisite beauty. She turns to walk off the stage, met by friends who gently nudge her back on, as the music changes to  a tune by Frank Sinatra. She sees her “charming” walking towards her. She’s breathless & frozen, and friends in the wing point for her to look behind her. A tiny prince charming struts the stage with the other half of the question. She’s elated, speechless, and happiness is evident in the smile that she couldn’t hide if she tried to. They make eye contact. He walks across the stage closer to her, and friends are teary eyed watching a true life love story unfold in front of their eyes!  He takes a knee, & asks her the one question every princess can’t wait to hear. She says YES! She takes her bow in true performer’s fashion, and he looks at her adoringly…like all prince charming’s should. They live happily ever after.

Romance on the Rooftop


Proposal Date:                    07/18/2013
Proposal Location:                     Ohio

I had planned a special weekend for our one year anniversary to take my boyfriend to a major league baseball game. We arrived the day before the game to have a relaxing evening, went for a casual dinner then checked out the roof top terrace cocktail lounge. My boyfriend said he was going to look for the restroom and returned telling me he wanted to show me something. I followed him to the railing, where he told me to look out over the city in the distance. I had no idea what I was looking for, then he said “oh wait, it’s over here”, I turned to find him on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. He had arranged everything, the entire hotel staff knew, the manager took tons of photos and had champagne waiting on our table. When we returned to our room a short time later, there were rose petals on the bed…everything was perfect. My surprise for him turned into the best surprise I could ever imagine!

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