Loose Diamonds Boca Raton | Advantages of Buying Loose Diamonds over Mounted Diamonds

If you plan on purchasing diamond jewelry for a special occasion, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices there are in the market. Having a budget will help narrow down your selection, but it could also mean giving up the quality of the diamond. To avoid this, you can buy loose diamonds Boca Raton instead. Here are the 4 advantages of buying loose diamonds over mounted diamonds:

You Have Full Control

Buying loose diamonds over mounted diamonds allows you to choose a diamond of your liking and have the setting custom-made. Doing this ensures that you will love the jewelry without any regrets!

Gives You Peace of Mind

Life’s what-ifs haunt us in our dreams- including purchasing something as expensive as diamond jewelry. Avoid unnecessary anxiety by getting the quality of diamond you really want on a setting you really desire. Pre-set diamonds are also difficult to verify with its certificate of description, compared to loose diamonds.

You Can Assess Diamond Quality Better

Loose diamonds usually have a grading certificate from GIA or other distinguished grading laboratories. In the certificate, it will show the precise characteristic and quality of the diamond. This will allow you to check and examine the actual diamond in contrast with its description in the certificate.

You Get a Better Pricing

Loose diamonds Boca Raton are cheaper than mounted ones. This is can be a cost-efficient way of buying diamonds or working within a budget without sacrificing quality.

where are good loose diamonds boca raton?

Where to Buy Loose Diamonds Boca Raton

Get the best quality loose diamonds Boca Raton from a jewelry store you can trust. At Diamonds by Eyal, our 150 years of experience in the business allows us to educate you on what you need to know about diamonds and help you choose the best according to your liking and budget. Call us today for any inquiry or visit our website!

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