Fine Jewelry Boca Raton | The Cutting Process

Many people are unaware of the lengthy process used to cut diamonds into the beautiful shapes we see in stores. Here is a basic rundown of that process.




In the planning stages, the cutter will figure out the best possible shapes of the diamond in order to minimize waste and maximize the yield of the rough stone. Typically, the rough stone is mapped with a Sarin machine to generate accurate measurements. With this data, computer software is then used to formulate 3D models that will show the cutter the best way to optimize the rough. The cleaving process is the part that involves splitting the rough diamond into separate pieces. This will then allow the cutter to work on the pieces separately and also to utilize the rough fully. Mechanical sawing can also be undertaken at this stage. In the case of oddly shaped roughs, the sawing process can also be undertaken with contactless cutting tools like lasers.




After the diamond is split, bruting is then performed to make the separated rough stones round. This is process is also known as girdling. What happens here is that two diamonds are placed on a spinning axle across each other. They will then turn in opposite directions and grind against each other to create a rough girdle finish. Once the rounded shape of the rough is formed, the next stage is to create and form the facets of the diamond. The cutter places the rough on a rotating arm and uses a spinning wheel to polish the rough. This creates the smooth and reflective facets on the diamond.


Fine Jewelry Boca Raton


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