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Estate Sale Jewelry Boca Raton | The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Finding the right buyer for your estate jewelry can be a challenging task. That’s why it’s best to approach a trustworthy and knowledgeable estate jewelry buyer, like Diamonds by Eyal, which has been in the jewelry industry for more than three generations. If you’re planning on an estate sale jewelry Boca Raton, there here’s a guide to selling your estate jewelry:

Make Your Jewelry Look Their Best

Have your jewelry cleaned and polished, so they look their best before you bring them to an estate sale jewelry Boca Raton.

Include the Original Box

If your estate jewelry piece still has its original packaging, then consider bringing it too. Especially if it’s still in good condition and from a renowned brand, it can add value to the piece.

Sell When You’re Ready

Before selling your estate jewelry, make sure that you’re ready to let it go. If it’s a piece that’s just lying around, then it’s more reasonable for you to sell them, especially if you need it to cover your tuition or for a debt.

Stay Away from Auction Houses

Not all auction houses have a great reach. Plus, they have huge fees. At an auction house, there’s a higher chance that your jewelry piece will be sold at a lower price than what it’s worth at a reputable jewelry shop.

Don’t Pawn Your Jewelry

The interest rates at pawnshops are overwhelming. And if you don’t redeem your jewelry, they’ll sell it for so much more than your loan.

who offers estate sale jewelry boca raton?

Looking for Estate Sale Jewelry Boca Raton?

Follow this guide and you’ll surely end up with the right buyer. At Diamonds by Eyal, we will offer you the highest prices for your pieces. If you’re not sure about the value of your jewelry, we will assess it for you free of charge. And if you do decide to sell it, we will pay you on the spot with cash or check, whatever is convenient for you. Looking for estate sale jewelry Boca Raton? Call us for inquiries or visit our website for more info.