Real Deal Diamonds by Eyal, Real Deal Investment for You
You’ll discover a value-trove of beautifully designed engagement rings and wedding bands at Diamonds by Eyal in Boca Raton. We devote one-to-one personal attention to your specific tastes and values. Our unique jewelry collections will fulfill your aspirations to create an ongoing emblem of one magnificent experience.

You’ll be presented with an exquisite range of options: diamond engagement rings to accommodate either a round brilliant cut or a fancy shape center diamond, such as Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, Marquise Cut, Radiant Cut, Oval Shape, Pear Shape, Heart Shape, and Cushion Cut diamonds. Browse through our collection of exquisite fashion rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and many others to find the perfect piece for your special someone.

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