What to get your Dad for Father’s Day by Diamonds by Eyal


What to get your Dad for Father’s Day by Diamonds by Eyal


Now that mothers’ day is over we have to focus on the father in Fathers’ day. This year Fathers day falls out on Sunday, June 18. How did father’s day begin? It all started in Spokane, Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a mother’s day sermon in church. She was raised by her single father and decided to honor William Jacskon Smart, a civil war veteran, raising his six children on his own. The first Father’s Day celebration was held on June 19, 1910 at the YMCA. It is traditionally observed on the third Sunday in June honoring Fathers or father figures and their contribution to better their children. Honor your dad with a thoughtful gift.



So what can you get your dad or husband to honor his contribution to the family? How about a watch, it is always a nice gift to make “time for the family.” Dads are busy people they need to set aside time for family. We carry a wide variety depending on the guy from sporty to dressy.


Cufflinks are another perfect gift. They take a plain shirt and put his signature on it. Cufflinks tell a lot about a person are they fun or serious. Can they get a laugh out of you and make you smile. Cufflinks can be a conversation piece. In a business meeting or out to dinner cufflinks can take you on a ride.


So this Fathers’ day say it big with a great gift and give him something to smile about all day. Show your love!!!