What? Buy a diamond online???? Without seeing it?? Without touching it????

New findings for online jewelers, their customers want to see the product they are purchasing and they want to deal directly with a salesperson that can answer their questions. More and more online jewelry companies are noticing that their customers are extremely knowledgeable in the field, they do the research. In response, Gemvara decided to open a store in Boston, customers can come in look at the item, try it on, feel the piece. That was one complaint out of many from online jewelry stores, sometimes the customer can’t get a true feel of the piece from an image, they want to see if the piece of jewelry is comfortable, if they like the look. The first thing a woman does is try on the piece of jewelry they are interested in, most likely they decide immediately if they like it or not. So as we can see everyone is coming to the same conclusion-It makes more sense to buy a piece of jewelry in person and not online.

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