**Wedding Tips** for your Registry 33486

Weddings are expensive but one of the best parts of it is your wedding registry. It’s like your birthday all over again as a kid and you even get to pick the items you and your hubby want and need.
There are many different varieties of stores you can register at for your wedding registry and the best part is that you don’t have to choose just one. Different department stores such as JC Penny, Kohl’s and Target have a wide variety of necessities, from dishwear, silverwear, cups, pots and pans, coffee makers as well as other kitchen utilities/decoration. Along with the kitchen necessities which may take up quite a bit of room on your list, you may also want to consider things such as bedding – sheets/comforters, electronics, bathroom necessities, towels, decorative household items, etc, but beforehand you should make a list with your hubby of what you both already have, what you guys need to get and what you can throw out since you will be living together. Although these three are some of the top registeries people use, you are definitely not limited to choosing from even our list of top registeries.
It’s also a great idea to add more to your registry than what you need because due to your guests budgets, you want items on your registry that can cover a wide range of prices for good gifts. This will put a variety of items you’ve registered so that you can accomodate all guest budgets.

Top Wedding Registeries
5.Crate & Barrel
6.Bed Bath & Beyond
8.JC Penny
9.Nemian Marcus
10.Williams & Sonoma