*Wedding Planning Tips* Staying Organized and Less Stressed

*Wedding Planning Tips* – Staying Organized and Less Stressed
It may take a couple of days, or even weeks (which is fine), but once you’re over the initial shock and awe of how stunningly beautiful your ring is, you may find yourself wondering what to do first or where to even start when planning your wedding.
This is a big day for the both of you and of course you want everything to be perfect.
First, you will want to buy a notebook and binder to keep everything pertaining to the wedding organized. This includes all your potential vendors, wedding and reception locations, caterers, bakers, photographers, DJ’s, florists and seamstresses. You can also buy books that are made for planning weddings and write in those. Either way, you are going to need a master copy to keep all your own notes and information.
Depending on your personal circumstances and how intricate and large of a wedding you want, consulting with a wedding planner may be necessary and helpful.
Wedding planning is a lot of fun, but it can become very stressful and no one wants to be stressed out about such an amazing and life-changing event. A full-time wedding planner will help you to prepare from the moment you decide you want to announce your engagement all the way until the honeymoon. You can also hire part-time wedding planners to be in charge of smaller events or just specific days you need extra help. It’s a good idea to designate certain people to be in charge of certain events, such as the rehearsal dinner, the day of the wedding, etc.
It’s also important to stay within your budget; spending more on what’s really important to you and less on what’s not as important. For example, you may seek help from people close to you aside from your wedding planners in order to save some money. These people will help keep you less stressed and more organized.
Any way you can find to cut stress and stay organized is the key to being a happy bride!

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