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So you’ve been married to your wife for quite some time now and she’s in love with the initial diamond you proposed to her with. After some time, you may feel that your wife deserves something even bigger and prettier since you probably were on a tighter budget the first time around. Types of setting styles change with the trends as years pass.
At this point, upgrading her ring cannot really be a surprise because you will need the old ring to show the jeweler and she will panic if she thinks she lost it. Also, her input is the most important, because we want to give her exactly what she wants.
We see a lot of people come in with a gorgeous center diamond and they just want a new setting. In most cases, the wives are fully involved in choosing the new setting they want. A new setting can do a lot for a beautiful diamond. This is an easy way to upgrade her sentimental, original diamond by giving an entirely new look to it by placing the original stone in a brand new setting. A new setting can make all the difference and even make the look of the center stone larger, all depending on setting that is chosen. Once you see the look on her face when you give her the brand new ring, it will all be worth it.
The example below depicts one of our extremely happy clients that shared with us how much she loves her new ring.
She decided to keep the center stone that was originally purchased and replaced the setting with a completely new design. This totally changed the all around look of her ring, without having to pay the heavy cost of a larger diamond, she couldn’t be happier.
The setting she chose really shows off the brilliance of the center diamond. Also, the halo around it also increases the look of this 1.75ct center stone. This is definitely a great anniversary or birthday gift or just because you love her!

(Left) Original diamond & setting (Right)New setting with original center stone

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