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Diamonds by Eyal is committed to protecting your privacy which includes the personal information you provide to us. The information you submit to us, whether it is through our website DiamondsbyEyal.com or social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, will always be safeguarded. We only use your personal information for promotions by e-mails, to keep you updated with our store sales and to set up appointments. The use of the Diamonds by Eyal Site shows your approval and compliance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you fail to agree with our terms and policies do not share any personal information with us. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use please contact us at (561) 999-8878.

We commit to keeping the personal information you provide to us secure. We value your privacy; therefore, we will take all of the necessary steps to protect your information. The amount of people with access to your information is greatly limited. The number of Diamonds by Eyal employees with access to your information is limited. We will not sell or give your information to other companies, people or sites. As mentioned earlier we will only use your information for promotions and newsletters through your e-mail and for appointments.

In terms of the blog, you are responsible for any post or comment which contains personal information. The information you post on the blog will be accessible from others. We advise users who visit the Diamonds by Eyal website and any other sites related to Diamonds by Eyal to proceed with caution when submitting personal information that will be public.

You can access and browse the Diamonds by Eyal sites without having to submit personal information. There may be instances when we will ask you for basic information in order for you to contact us or make an appointment. We may ask you for your name, phone number and e-mail address when you’re setting up an appointment in order to greet you and contact you. Although you can browse our site without submitting any personal information, the features available will be slightly limited.

We use the personal information you submit to service you as per your request, to send you e-mails with promotions and discounts, to set up appointments and to answer your inquiries. We also use your information to provide the upmost customer service to you, as well as to improve and strengthen our customer service.

If you would rather not receive newsletters and e-mails regarding our promotions and discounts please send us a message through our contact form stating you would like to be excluded in the e-mails we send.

In the event that the information you provide to us through the Diamonds by Eyal site may be requested by a law enforcement agent/agency we have the right to give that information. We have the right to disclose your personal information if found necessary and if you have violated the terms of use of Diamonds by Eyal.

We are not responsible for the information you provide on any link to third parties, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You are accountable for the information you submit on any of the sites we have linked.


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