It’s All About Who You Trust

Lindsay Greatorex

Lindsay Greatorex

Director of Social Media & Marketing

10 April 2014

Most people walk into a jewelry store putting full trust into the jeweler, that they are selling them exactly what they say they are. Well not everybody is so honest apparently! The full article (below) was posted online today about a Jeweler in New York accused of selling fake diamonds and gemstones to people for quite some time.

Often times, people don’t want to be lectured about what they are looking to buy because the excitement of seeing the product seems more appealing than hearing what you may think of as worthless information. It’s extremely important first of all, to choose a jeweler that is qualified and quite reputable. It also doesn’t hurt to know some background info about them.

Most importantly, if a Jeweler is willing to take the time to explain and educate you so you can better understand how diamonds are priced due to color, clarity, cut  and carat size, definitely listen because you’ll never go to just anybody for diamonds ever again.

This is what makes Diamonds by Eyal so different from your common sales person working in a jewelry store. People come to our showroom to get the full experience and the one-on-one time they need with Eyal to make sure they get what they want at the best possible price.

Before looking at the diamonds Eyal has personally selected for you, he’ll give a short, to-the-point educational session where he explains exactly what you need to know about diamonds as well as a little bit about himself.

Our customers develop a personal relationship with Eyal and continue to come to him after picking out that first diamond. Diamonds by Eyal is perfect for years after the “I do”s to get birthday presents, anniversary gifts or something for any occasion.

We can get you almost anything you can envision for that perfect gift idea.

Come see us at Diamonds by Eyal. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Elise & Eyal Cohen

Elise and Eyal Cohen


Source: National Jeweler
April 10, 2014
Williamsville, N.Y.–The diamond simulants that one New York retailer allegedly was selling to his customers as real diamonds might have been just the beginning of his fraud, local police said.

According to a recent update on Amherst Police Department’s Facebookpage, in addition to selling moissanite and other diamond simulants that he misrepresented as natural diamonds, Paul Blarr of RSNP Diamond Exchange might have sold enhanced diamonds without disclosing them as such at the time of purchase.

Additionally, the case has expanded to include colored gemstones, which in some cases may have been switched or were not the quality promised from the retailer. There also have been some reports of the retailer selling jewelry that was said to be solid karat gold but was actually found to be gold-plated, police said.

The police department in Amherst, N.Y., which has jurisdiction over the village of Williamsville, has been using its Facebook page to urge past customers of RSNP Diamond Exchange and Blarr’s previous business, Amherst Diamond Exchange, who feel they may be victims to have their jewelry tested.

To date, Blarr faces three counts of grand larceny and one count of scheme to defraud, all of which are felonies. The investigation is ongoing.

The Amherst Police Department could not be reached for more information or comment Wednesday.

Blarr’s attorney, Charles J. Marchese, confirmed that the jeweler is pleading not guilty.

Marchese maintains that after Blarr was arrested at the store, he immediately offered to let the police check all the stones they had at the store but they checked nothing and didn’t take anything with them, he said.

“If someone is operating a scheme to defraud, would they not have fake gemstones on hand? Wouldn’t it make sense for the police to take possession of the stones at that time? I find it interesting that they didn’t,” Marchese said, noting that he has talked to area jewelers who are helping test the stones and that a “great majority (of the stones) are fine.”

Blarr waived his right to a felony hearing. Marchese told National Jeweler that the next step would be for the district attorney to present the case to a grand jury for possible indictment.

In the meantime, customers who had items at RSNP Diamond Exchange for repair only can now contact Marchese’s office to arrange for pickup.