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Are you curious to know more about fancy shape diamonds Boca Raton? A diamond’s shape pertains to its geometric outline that influences its overall physical form. Every diamond that has a specific shape comes with its own set of specifications in terms of qualities and cuts. These specifications determine the stone’s general appearance and appeal. Below are some of the most popular fancy shape diamonds that are available in the market.

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What are the Top Options for Fancy Shape Diamonds?


People who want to have engagement rings that are less conventional often choose this shape. Princess cut diamonds are shaped like a square with sharp and pointy corners. The colors of each diamond are more visible around the corners of this cut. To protect it from damage, prongs are added to the setting.


Nowadays, more and more people opt for curved diamond cuts rather than squarish ones. The oval cut is a classic choice that’s characterized by its elongated round shape. Aside from the fact that it has the ability to carry the carat weight well, it also allows the stone to appear lively.


Shaped like a teardrop, the pear cut diamond features a rounded end that tapers into a point. It’s a great choice for someone who wants an alternative to the traditional round-cut diamond for a solitaire setting.


This cut offers more versatility than the princess cut because it can be shaped like a rectangle with trimmed or flat corners.


If you want a more distinctive choice for your engagement ring, the heart-shaped diamond is your best bet. It adopts the pear cut except for the notch at its top. What’s great about this shape is that you can use it with matching earrings and pendants.

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Where to Find the Best Fancy Shape Diamonds Boca Raton

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