Eyal’s Top 10 Jewelry Tips

Whether you have tons of jewelry pieces or simply have a diamond engagement ring and wedding band, your jewelry will not take care of itself. Eyal Cohen the diamond expert at Diamond by Eyal has listed the most important jewelry tips.

1. Avoid wearing your jewelry while  exercising, showering, cooking, cleaning, swimming, washing the dishes, styling your hair, and putting on lotion. Our bodies have natural oils that can diminish the brilliance of the stone. Furthermore, household products, chlorine, bleach, and saltwater can damage your jewelry., the diamond expert at Diamonds by Eyal has provided essential tips that will help you care for your pieces.

2. Only deal with jewelers that you fully trust. And do not let your diamond engagement ring and other diamond jewelry out of your sight when dealing with a jeweler you don’t know very well.

3. Insure your jewelry in the event that your piece is stolen or lost.

4. You can check for loose stones by holding your diamond piece close to your ear and gently tapping it. You will hear rattling if there are any loose stones. If you hear loose stones, see chipped stones or missing diamonds go to your jeweler as soon as possible.

5. Touching your diamond with your fingers will cause the stone to loose brilliance due to the fact that our fingers have natural oils.

6. Have your jewelry inspected every 6 months for loose or chipped stones, broken prongs, worn mountings, and other wear and tear.

7. Do not remove your engagement ring and wedding band in a public place, especially in a public restroom while washing your hands. The possibility of forgetting your ring ledge of the sink, losing the piece or dropping it down the drain is not worth the risk.

8. Have your jewelry professionally cleaned every 6 months. Over time particles will gather up on your diamond jewelry pieces. Cleaning the piece will give it a whole new look. Diamonds by Eyal offers free of charge diamond and jewelry cleaning to all customers.

9. Have your jewelry appraised when you first purchase the piece. Don’t forget to have your jewelry re-appraised every 3-5 years.

10. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry, and safe place. When you take off your rings make sure you place them in a secure area.

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