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Eternity Band Boca Raton | Three Types of Eternity Rings and Their Meaning

Eternity rings date back to 4000 years ago where ancient Egyptians used it as a gift for their wives as a token of their admiration. It is said to have the meaning of eternal and undying love. Through time, the design of eternity band Boca Raton has evolved but it will always be a classic and exquisite representation of love and adoration for your partner.

Half Eternity Ring

This type of eternity ring has stones through half of the circumference of the ring. Depending on your preference but some people prefer this design because it is easier and more comfortable to wear because of the absence of stone between the fingers and underneath. This also allows resizing to be easier and bigger stones can also be utilized. This is ideal if your partner’s personality is simple yet sophisticated.

Full Eternity Ring

Stones surround the entire circumference of the ring. The stones that surround the ring makes it difficult for resizing so it is usually custom-made. This type of ring is more expensive because it has more stones but definitely flashier. This is a good choice if your partner has that glam personality or it could be your personal choice if you want to be extra in showing your love.

Wedding Eternity Rings

As the name states, this type of eternity ring is used at weddings. This ring is a symbol of the never-ending life and love you have for each other. It is made of continuous unbreakable and precious metal that is made to last forever. Couples usually make sure to get the right sizes to avoid resizing.

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Where to Find an Eternity Band Boca Raton?

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