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Diamond Pendant Boca Raton | What to Consider When Buying a Diamond Pendant

A Diamond Pendant is a great gift for any occasion, like anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, mother’s day and more. But choosing the right Diamond Pendant can be a bit challenging especially with the number of choices in the market. To help you decide on choosing the best diamond pendant, here are the 5 points to consider when buying the right diamond pendant for your loved ones:

Diamond Shape

This definitely will depend on the preference of the person you’re going to give the diamond pendant to. There are countless of shapes in the market but the most popular ones are round, princess, pear, cushion, and heart.

Precious Metal for the Diamond Pendant

The choice of metal for your diamond pendant is important because not all metals are the same when it comes to durability. You have choices like gold, white gold, and platinum.

Diamond Pendant Setting

Choose a setting that can bring out the diamond’s features. Factors to consider are diamond visibility, durability, and general safety. Examples of setting styles are bezel, prong, flush, and tension. Prongs can easily be caught in your clothes, especially if it is made of a soft metal, it can loosen easily and you might lose the diamond. A safer option would be a bezel setting.

Quality of the Diamond

Just like in any jewelry it is important to consider the quality of the diamond. The 4 factors to consider are color, clarity, carat, and cut. Depending on your budget, but it is advised to choose clarity or color from a lower grade but choose a higher grade cut to make up for the fall in quality.

Size of the Diamond Pendant

Depending on the personality of the person the pendant is meant for, but a point to consider is that: it should not be too big that it will overpower the person but it also should not be too small that it cannot be seen.

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Where to Buy a Diamond Pendant Boca Raton

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