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Colored diamonds are a new trend that is becoming very popular. Here we will go over the basic facts on how they are made.


What Are They?


Colored diamonds come in as many hues and intensities as nature can muster. The reason is not only can trace minerals influence color, but also variations in the amount of pressure exerted to produce the diamonds, as well as radiation levels in the Earth’s mantle layer can also influence diamond colors. In order to produce a particular hue, thousands of variables must be present in just the right amounts, at just the right times. Since scientists have never been able to observe a natural diamond being formed, the exact type and proportion of variables necessary are impossible to determine. However, there are basics that have become understood.


How Are They Made?


In recent years with the rise of popularity and demand for those diamonds, and with it, the rise in their prices, the market for treated and color enhanced diamonds has evolved tremendously. The idea is to take diamonds with colors that are not desired – like pale yellows – and to enhance it dramatically (pale yellow to vivid yellow) or even to change it altogether to blue, purple and red. The main methodology is called HPHT – High-Pressure High Temperature. Interestingly, this same procedure that is used to enhance to strong colored diamonds can be also used to “paint” colorless diamonds. Taking cheap very light brown diamonds and turn them into D colorless diamonds.


Diamond Jewelry Boca Raton


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