Darker jewelry trending at the Oscars!

The Oscars is a chance for celebrities to show off their bling and introduce what’s hot this season! Spring is coming, but as the sun gets brighter, the jewelry gets darker! At the Oscars, stars were showing off their darkened metal giving off a modern vintage look.  Celeb stylist and jewelry expert says “Blackened metal around gemstones and diamonds evokes antique or estate looks, or pieces that have been handed down for many generations. There’s a tremendous amount of interest in antique and vintage elements these days,” he says. This upcoming trend is influenced largely by runways representing decades from the past being brought back to the present. What’s more vintage then mimicking our ancestors!?

Jennifer Gardner is looking fabulous sporting her edgy statement piece!

2013 Oscars: Best jewelry



What’s not to love about Kelly Rowland’s dark dangles?

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