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When a man sits down to look at diamonds, I’m sure there are a million things going through his head. Of course he is looking for the perfect engagement ring to make his significant other say yes to his proposal.

Like most, customers have a budget that we are happy to adhere to. Everyone seems to think the bigger the center diamond, the better, but many with a smaller budget come to realize it is a decision of compromise. Whether it is color, clarity or size, any of the three can be compromised with ease but any expert Gemologist should tell you that it is never recommended to compromise on the cut of a diamond.

There is good news if you are looking to enhance you center stone. Many settings can make the look of the center stone much larger. A perfect example of this is the Halo setting for any shape or size diamond. The Halo setting is one of the more popular choices because its purpose serves to enlarge the look of the center diamond. The important part of the Halo setting is the size of the diamonds making up the Halo. This is because you do not want the size of the stones in the Halo to be too large, as they will take away from the center diamond’s brilliance. A halo can make a center stone look almost a carat size larger, sometimes even more. This is a beautiful addition to any center stone because the look of the final product is very classy yet not overdone if done right.

We most look forward to all testimonials from our customers, letting us know “SHE SAID YES!”.


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Lindsay Greatorex

Lindsay Greatorex

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