Attention June Babies!


[Celebrities With June Birthdays]

June 1: Heidi Klum JUNE1

June 2: Justin Long june2


June 3: Anderson Cooper june3


June 4: Russel Brand june4


June 5: Pete Wentz june5


June 6th: Paul Giamatti june6

June 7: Michael Cera june7

June 8: Kanye West june8


June 9: Johnny Depp june9

June 10: Kate Upton june10


June 11: Faith Evans june11


June 12: Kendra Wilkinson june12


June 13: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen june13


June 14: Lucy Hale june14


June 15: Ice Cube june15

June 16: James Maslow june16


June : Kendrick Lamar june17

June 18: Paul McCartney june18


June 19: Zoe Saldana june19


June 20: Nicole Kidman june20


June 21: Prince William June21


June 22: Carson Daly june22


June 23: Jason Mraz june23


June 24: Solange Knowles june24


June 25: LaLa Anthony june25


June 26: Ariana Grande june26


June 27: Khloe Kardashian june27

June 28: Kellie Pickler june28


June 29: Nicole Scherzinger june29


June 30: Michael Phelps june30


[June Birthstone: Pearl]

“Who comes with summer to this earth And owes to June her hour of birth A pearl should wear against her skin Who’s innocence many a heart shall win.”


Pearls are the most original and unique of all the birthstones because they are found in the shell of a mollusk. A pearl represents loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship. Legend has it that the pearl is supposed to enhance personal integrity when worn. Pearls are mostly found in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mannar, the South Pacific, the Gulf of California, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific coast of Mexico, Europe, Japan, and Australia. The traditional color associated with the Pearl is the milky white color and was strongly favored as a popular gem in Victorian jewelry. Pearls come in a wide variety of colors ranging from white to black. The color of a pearl might be classed as white, silver, cream-colored, gold, green, blue or black.

Shell with Orb

[June Horoscope]

The past year hasn’t been easy on you, Moonchild. You have had far more than your fair share of problems, disappointments, and stress. Now before you go getting all emotional about it, and worrying about what this next year has in store for you, take a moment to breathe deeply and to relax. That’s exactly what you need to do right now, and it’s definitely what you need to do to make the coming year a positive and rewarding year. You are a sensitive and loving sign with keen intuition, an extraordinary imagination, and a kind and nurturing nature. But you can also be very insecure, moody, and clingy. If you can learn to keep those more negative traits at bay in the year ahead, you will begin to weaken them permanently. Rule number one for the next year of your life: Don’t let fear rule you. Stay centered, stay positive, and stay open-minded and no one on earth can best you.


Because you are so thoughtful and nurturing, you probably think that you’re the best lover that ever walked the earth. Friends and relatives are always talking about how maternal you are. That’s a wonderful characteristic, Moonchild — but it isn’t very exciting. This year it’s time to break out of your shell! Whether you’re looking for love or in a committed relationship, you need to turn up the heat this year and make your whole life more fun!


No one is more family-oriented than you, dear Crab. When it comes to those you love, no one and nothing stand in your way. You are a good provider, and excellent nurse, the perfect psychiatrist, and whatever else your loved ones need. The problem, though, is that you also tend to be a worrier and you can be extremely clingy. Believe it or not, Moonchild, that turns most people off. If you want to improve your family relationships this year, just back off a little bit, and let them come to you!


Did someone say career? What career? You are either unhappy in your work, or you are looking for work, or you are dreaming of something much bigger and better that will bring you greater fulfillment and a much better income. Because this pursuit has been rather frustrating, you m ay have developed a cynical and sarcastic attitude. But that could be your downfall if you aren’t careful. If you start putting down your work, your team, or your competition even, it could draw negative energy into your life. Look at this next year as a fresh start, and treat it that way too.