Why Come to Us?

  • Best Prices
    Diamonds by Eyal will help you “save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off” as stated by Clark Howard. We have an office location with a small team of experts; as a result, we don’t have the expenses and overhead of other jewelry stores. This means we can concentrate on giving you the best prices. We believe in high turnover, low profit margin. Therefore, as manufacturers of loose diamonds and jewelry pieces, we cut out the middleman and are able to provide you, the consumer with wholesale prices.
  • Dealing with the expert
    At Diamonds by Eyal you will have the chance to work close up with a diamond and jewelry expert. He will educate and provide you with all of the information you need in order for you to get the best value for your investment. You don’t have to compete for the attention of a salesperson; you will deal with the expert first-hand.
  • Unmatched inventory
    We have an exceptional collection of jewelry from well respected designers in the industry along with our array of loose diamonds. We carry from, traditional round diamonds to “fancy-shaped” diamonds. All of our certified diamonds are graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) to have anywhere from flawless to heavily included in clarity, and anywhere from colorless all the way to a low color. The cut of the diamonds are Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, or Good. Our signature diamonds are the finest quality diamonds available, and we offer them in round, cushion-cut, princess-cut, asscher-cut, radiant-cut, oval-cut, marquise-cut, heart shape, pear shape and emerald-cut shapes. Since all diamond shapes are different, it is important to consult with our diamond experts in order for you to make an educated decision on the shape that you choose. Feel free to contact us so we can help you find the perfect diamond for you.
  • Superb Customer Service
    Superb Customer ServiceDiamonds by Eyal in Boca Raton offers first quality customer service. At Diamonds by Eyal we do not sell, rather we educate and provide. Since we are a by appointment only operation, you will have our undivided attention and time in order for you to focus on your purchase in a no pressure atmosphere. You don’t have to compete for the attention of a commissioned salesperson, stand over counters or wait in long lines. Our customers are most important; we work hard to satisfy the needs of every client, we stand behind all our merchandise.
  • Our Advantage Over Online/Retail Jewelry Stores
    • Diamonds by Eyal is committed to finding you the perfect diamond engagement ring that fits your needs, i.e. your budget. You will find the process truly an enlightening experience. You will be educated and informed with all the information you need in order to make the best purchase. We will show you what the most important “C” is and tell you why. We will also show you a certificate and explain the details. The certificate may not describe the brightness, quality of rough, and the position and relief of inclusions. While we give you the diamond education session we get to connect with you first-hand and you have a chance to know who we are. At retail stores customers usually spend little time with the salesperson. We like to say “If you don’t know your jewels, know your jeweler”. We have an advantage over online stores and retail stores because we establish and maintain strong connections with our clients. It’s difficult to get to know a salesperson at a retail store or an online diamond site.
    • Diamonds by Eyal has an unmatched selection of fine diamonds, jewelry and wholesale diamonds in Boca Raton. Eyal, the diamond expert uses his knowledge and experience to choose the best quality diamonds. Much effort is put forth when selecting the diamonds or jewelry pieces to show you. In order to find the best stones we have to examine a large variety of diamonds. Although we see some dull stones when selecting diamonds we do come across beautiful brilliant ones. We show you the best of the best diamonds and jewelry pieces. For example, when you inquire about any 1.00ct any shape diamond engagement ring, F in color, VS2 in clarity, we don’t simply show you one stone. We pick out numerous high quality diamonds that work with your requirements and budget. It is imperative to see numbers of diamonds simultaneously in order to compare. When you see a diamond with a poor cut, you won’t know the cut is bad until you see a stone with an ideal cut. If you’re shopping online it is impossible to compare stones; brilliance is not on a cert. It is not recommended to buy a stone sight-unseen as you won’t see the brilliance. Retailers do not show customers a large selection because they may be limited with inventory. As wholesalers and manufactures we will be able to show you more than enough diamonds.
    • People who are looking to buy diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond stud earrings, and other fine jewelry understand the importance of the purchase. They go to online stores because they want to get the best deals or they go to retailers because they are credible. Online stores can provide such low prices to the public because they don’t give the shopper the chance to see the stone. The online store customer service representative will not fully inform them with the details of the stones as they don’t have the knowledge nor the expertise. Eyal would never purchase a diamond without seeing it first, why should you? On the other hand, retailers take advantage of the fact they are credible and their prices are much higher than our wholesale prices. Retailers factor their high-cost of operation (rent, insurance, and employee wages) into their diamond and jewelry prices. In addition, the incentive of a salesperson may not be of your best interest as they work on commission, which means they are more concerned in making a sale than giving you a good deal.
    • If it sounds too good to be true BUYER BEWARE!!!
    • Buying a diamond, engagement ring or any jewelry piece online or at a retail store may be risky. What happens if you purchase the wrong size ring for your beloved? Engagement ring settings with diamonds are tricky to size because the diamonds run the risk of falling out. In this case, retailers could ask you to pay for the ring to be special ordered (yes, even after you paid full price for the original ring). Diamonds by Eyal of Boca Raton works directly with the top designers; therefore, we have their guarantee on their pieces. When you deal with someone like us you avoid any possibility of your stone or piece being replaced by a cheaper version when it is being repaired. Diamonds by Eyal offers free maintenance and inspections to every customer who’s purchased from us. We have the best and most trustworthy jeweler in South Florida. If anything goes wrong you know where our office is and you can contact us directly at any time. We will not make you speak to a customer service representative or a salesperson.
    • There are numerous educational articles regarding diamonds, the “4C’s”, GIA Certs etc. However, there is not one article or video that will replace the expertise, experience and knowledge you gain from Eyal’s diamond education session. We are in the business of making people happy and we have heard too many internet and retailer horror stories. Buying a diamond should be a great experience. There shouldn’t be any issues with what you purchase and if there is an issue we will take care of it immediately.
    • BOTTOM LINE IS: IF YOU WANT TO COME TO THE BEST OF THE BEST BE OUR GUEST, CONTACT US TODAY 561.999.8878 or make an appointment online.