Take a look at these bridal bouquets…

The newest trend in eating is “from farm to table”, it now has shown up in bridal bouquets. A friend of mine has decided to become a vegan-in my opinion hats off to her, I wish I could do it. So now some are doing eco weddings with these beautiful edible bouquets. These fruits and vegetables give a pop of color and a different texture than flowers. I love these bouquets, if I was to do it all over again, of course with the same man, I would definitely do some fruits and/or veggies in MY bouquet! Take a look at the photos and let me know your artichoke-greens-wedding-bouquet fall-rose-and-berries-wedding-bouquet kale-wedding-bouquet lemon-lavender-wedding-bouquet lime-broccoli-wedding-bouquet peppers-lemon-grapes-greens-wedding-bouquet pomegranate-wedding-bouquet radish-dahlia-wedding-bouquet strawberry-wedding-bouquet

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