My Grandmother: My Jewelry Icon

Jaclyn NYC


Guest Blogger

Jaclyn Gross, Professional Organizer in South Florida

Age 27



As I’ve grown through the years, my style has evolved.  I always loved dressing up with my “pretty, pretty, princess” kit as a child and covering myself with loads of “jewels.”  The feeling of dripping in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings makes you feel better.  Makes you feel royal, makes you feel confident.  Or at least it did for me. 


But then something happened.  I turned 6.  And on my 6th birthday, my Oma gave me a pearl necklace.  It was a gold chain that had just a few tiny perfect pearls in the middle.  I loved feeling how smooth and cold they were.  It made me feel different.  Every year for Christmas, she would take my necklace and place a few more pearls on it.  She did this for my cousin Jillian and I who are just one year apart.  So when we would get it back in time for the yearly Christmas party, we would have our new pearls on our necklaces.  Every year it would grow just a little bit more and did this for about 10 years until it was fully covered.  That was very special to me and it was also the first time I had ever had a “real” piece of jewelry.  It changed how I felt.  No more plastic for me; I had graduated onto the real thing.  I felt like once I felt the feeling of a “real” piece of jewelry, I could just never go back.


My grandma always wore the most stylish and exquisite pieces.  I always wanted to be like her.  Right now as I am writing this, I am wearing a tiffany silver ball necklace and matching bracelet that I inherited from her.  She was a main influencer in my jewelry choices.   She had a safe where she kept her really expensive pieces, but the rest were all tucked away perfectly in their original boxes and pouches in one of her dresser drawers.  She was so organized.  I loved that about her, too.  She maintained the sparkle of her jewels.  They never tarnished or dulled.  They were cleaned, repaired if broken, insured and never out of place.  She took care of her belongings.  Anything that was hers, whether it was her diamond ring, her child, grandchild or home was taken care of fully 1000%. 


I always adored her choices from her broaches to earrings, rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, and necklaces.  She always looked like a celebrity.  I should have taken more pictures of her.  Her style was just impeccable; perfectly put together everyday.  And the jewelry was what tied it all together.  I just loved all of her choices in style because her style was timeless.  It influenced me then and still does today, and will forever.  This is what I pass on to my clients, too.  When I take them shopping for a new wardrobe and when I weed out their old items- we focus on timeless classic foundational pieces instead of hip and trendy for just 1 season. 


I wanted my Oma’s collection of jewelry (and clothes- but I couldn’t fit in them since she was a size 0 her entire life, and I’m definitely not!)  And the funny thing is that her collection of jewelry, even after all the decades that have passed would mean nothing to the jewelry because they will still be just as magnificent as they were on the first day.  She had mesmerizing yellow diamonds, white diamonds, pink diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and of course white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and silver.  I was hypnotized every time I saw her brilliant collection.   I couldn’t wait to build my own collection; to have my own treasure chest of fine jewelry.  So far my collection does not involve many diamonds (yet!) but I’m working on it. 


Over the years, as I was with her in her room helping her get ready before parties (my dad lived with her for a few years after my parents divorced) I watched as her outfit transformed from already stunning to just over the top magnificent stand-out with the help of a few classic, timeless classic pieces of jewelry.  It made the entire outfit pop.  I helped her as we went through her selection and picked the right pieces. 


This was eye-opening to me as a child to see this transformation.  With just a little (or not so little!) perfect sparkling well-placed diamond or jewel can make all the difference. 


I recently discovered Diamonds by Eyal in Boca Raton, Florida.  The store is run by Elise & Eyal Cohen.  They are the nicest couple ever.  They pay so much attention to you and make you feel like royalty.  Even though I wasn’t purchasing anything extravagant, they treat you like you are.  It doesn’t matter to them whether you are purchasing something for $500 or $250,000, because either way, they want you to enjoy the experience and educate you.  They sit down with you and explain everything.  It is by appointment only so you don’t have to worry about people coming in and distracting you. 


The time you have with them is your time only.   They make you feel so special and this customer service is so rare to find these days.  I truly appreciated them spending their time and energy on me.  I was able to leave there feeling confident in my purchase and knowing that this will be the place that I will be buying all future jewelry pieces from, and telling my friends and family to come, too.  The prices truly can’t be beat (as I went to many different places and compared!) and the quality is the best.  They also don’t do any advertising, so that speaks volumes!  It’s all by referrals.  I love that!  I recommend this business whole-heartedly to anyone who has a special occasion (or any occasion!) coming up.  The gift of jewelry is something that will be truly treasured for their entire life… at any age! 

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

2013-victorias-secret-fantasy-braVictoria Secret has unveiled its 2013 Fantasy Bra, “The Royal Fantasy”.  The brassiere is 18-karat yellow gold and features over 4,200 hand-set precious gemstones including diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires and a majestic dangling 52 carat pear shaped ruby in the center.  It is accompanied by a matching belt which is being called a belly chain. This conversation piece is valued at $10 million.  Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel is the model chosen to showcase this exquisite masterpiece that was made by Mouawad.  The Royal Fantasy is the true essence of the word bling-bling. Some other supermodels that have worn the Fantasy Bra are Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen.

2013 Engagement Ring Trends

Wedding season is in full affect and we can already feel that your girlfriends are pushing for the big question. Men — we know the difficulties of walking into a diamond store and getting bamboozled with the 4 c’s. This post is dedicated to you males out there who are lost in translation when it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring for her. There are so many different options so we have narrowed it down to what’s classic, beautiful, and modern. Diamonds By Eyal is here to help! And if this post hasn’t made you feel completely comfortable and informed, come into our showroom TODAY for a complimentary sit down and educational session with our EXPERT. We would be more than happy to assist you with your choice — after all, we love diamonds over here!!!!


Displays a specific je ne sais quoi that simply screams elegance. While still remaining vintage and very ‘art deco’ esque, the sleek lines radiate modernity and remain one of this year’s hottest trends. An emerald cut ring gives an illusion that the carat weight is larger then it is in reality because of the elongation.



Yet another stone with an antique aura. The cushion cut illuminates fire and brilliance due to its large facets. Known as one of the most alive and brightest of the cuts, it has been a female favorite for decades.



There is no telling that a pear shaped diamond defines originality and uniqueness. Displaying a very feminine and chic look, the pear shape is naturally classy. It also embodies that taste of vintage we all know and love. The pear cut trend is finally coming back.



The single halo has forever been the most wanted setting amongst the rest. Since two is always better then one, this year we’re doing a double take on the trend — not one, BUT TWO halos! The double halo setting conquers the epitome of luxury and has been a huge success in 2013. Having more then one halo creates an illusion of a bigger solitaire, who wouldn’t love that!? Sign me up!



Swooping and sensual, with an architecture that catches everyone’s eye, these intricate settings offer as much excitement as the stone itself. Taking a more artistic view on an engagement ring, a twisted settings is intriguing and enticing.



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Almost $50million in Diamonds Stolen in Brussels

USA Today reported a diamond robbery in Brussels Airport. The diamonds consisted of both rough and polished. The authorities are not disclosing the exact amount of diamonds stolen but $50 million is the speculation. Its almost impossible to trace rough diamonds, the thieves will probably have them cut in India, Israel, South Africa and the US and have them fitted into the system. It is a bit harder to resell polished diamonds as they have a fingerprint. Go online for more details, its a crazy story-like it was taken out of a movie.

Will You be my Valentine?

There is less than one week left until Valentine’s Day. Local stores are filled with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, teddy bears and red roses. If you’re looking for something extra-ordinary to give to your Valentine you’re certainly in the right place.  Diamonds and jewelry make the perfect Valentine’s  Day gifts. The brilliance of a diamond will surely bring a smile to your beloved’s face. Furthermore, unlike chocolate and roses, diamonds last forever. Here are 10 of our best-sellers this Valentine’s Day so far:


36 Stone Round Pave Set Diamond Earring Jackets with Milgrain Trim Diamond .22cttw








Round prong Set Green Amethyst and Pave Diamond Halo Dangle Earrings Gem 1.61cttw Diamond .12cttw








Ladies prong Set Round Green Amethyst and Pave Diamond Halo Design Pendant on Rolo Link Chain Diamond .06cttw Gem 1.25cttw








Ladies prong Set Round Green Amethyst and Pave Diamond Halo Stud Earrings Gem 1.44cttw Diamond .40cttw







Mens Square Matte Cuff Links with Alligator Leather and 2 Princess Cut Diamonds Diamond .20cttw SI








Ladies Bezel Set Alternate Size Round Diamond Hammered Bangle Bracelet Diamond 1.25cttw
G-I/ VS (Bangles Sold Separately)









Ladies 14K Pink Gold Round Channel Set Stackable Diamond Bangle Bracelet with Milgrain Trim Diamond .90cttw G-I



Ladies Round prong Set Halo Style Diamond Pendant Mounting with Pave Bail Diamond .44cttw (center Stone Not Included) (Chain Sold Separate)



Ladies Round prong Set Amethyst and Pave Diamond Pendant on Cable Chain Gem 1.06cttw Diamond .11cttw









Ladies 18 Stone Round prong Set Diamond Heart Pendant Diamond .50cttw (Chain not included)

Diamond Care- What to avoid

Diamonds may be one of the strongest substances in the world; however, they can chip and become loose or fall out of a setting. It is essential that you take care of your diamond jewelry. The most obvious ways of protecting your jewelry include taking it to the jeweler for an inspection and having it cleaned. Unfortunately there are many items which you probably use on a daily basis that can damage your diamond jewelry.

Lotions, Sprays and Makeup 

Lotion is used daily by both women and men; some people mistakenly use lotion to care for their diamond jewelry. Lotion should be avoided because it can weaken and discolor metal.  Lotions will dull the surface of your diamond and conceal the stone’s brilliance. Lotions also have a base which can gather under the prongs and loosen your diamond. Hairspray can stick to your diamond blurring the brilliance, as well as making your stone appear yellow. Sunscreens, makeup and other cosmetics contain numerous chemicals which can damage the setting of your diamond and cover its beauty

Cleaning products 








Cleaning supplies contain harsh chemicals which are great for disinfecting and removing dirt. Natural diamonds are not greatly affected by these common household products. The brilliance of the diamond could appear dull if it is constantly exposed; however, once the diamond is cleaned it will look alive again.  The mounting of the diamond or any gold jewelry piece faces the biggest threat. Clorox will weaken the rhodium coating on white gold and cause the ring to turn yellow. It could also cause the metal become brittle inducing the prongs to break which will produce the stones to loosen and potentially fall out. Chlorine will corrode the metal, meaning that it will debilitate the setting, whether it is silver, gold or platinum. Some individuals believed that chlorine could be used to clean jewelry so they would go into swimming pools wearing their jewels and instead of cleaning their piece they would cause great damage. Windex has been used by consumers to clean jewelry. Windex contains ammonia which can remove the polish on some gemstones such as turquoise.

Avoid wearing your diamond jewelry while engaging in these activities:

  • Sleeping: It is recommended not to sleep with diamond jewelry in the event that your jewelry has loose diamonds and they fall out. Once the diamond falls out it is difficult to find it, especially since you move around when you’re asleep.
  • Exercising: Working out with jewelry is risky because your hands will become sweaty and your ring or other jewelry could fall off. If you use heavy weights and one hit your jewelry or diamond is could cause your diamond to fall or become loose or even worse your diamond could chip.
  • Cooking: You should avoid wearing your jewelry while cooking because the intense heat could damage gemstones. The various chemicals used to cook could also have a negative effect on your jewelry.
  • Showering: The chemicals in your shampoo, conditioner and body wash could cause your metal setting to discolor. The base on your shampoo and washes could gather up around the prongs of the setting and cause your stones to become loose. Like other cosmetics, shampoo will conceal the brilliance of the diamond. Although this is not a permanent effect, you will have to clean your diamond more often to keep its brilliance.
  • Washing dishes: Dish-washing liquid has harsh chemicals to scrub off grease and breakdown dirt. Washing the dishes with your rings or bracelets on will cause the washing liquid to settle on your jewels. We advise that you place your diamond jewelry in a safe place before washing the dishes or engaging in cleaning. Placing your jewels on the sink counter is very dangerous because your jewelry could easily fall down the drain.
  • Beach: Wearing your jewels to the beach is not a good idea. The coarse sand could scratch the setting. The sunscreen you apply could stick to your diamond and jewelry. Saltwater can also weaken the setting and cause it to discolor.



Top 10 Gift Ideas For Her

Gorgeous gifts for the lucky girl on your list. Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom, sister or best friend,  there is a gift here she’ll love.

1. Ladies Rolo Link Chain with Round Bezel Set Diamond Accents and Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire and Pave Diamond Pendant Drop Gem .43cttw Diamond .22cttw.
Price: $1,015.00
Ladies Rolo Link Chain with Round Bezel Set Diamond Accents and Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire and Pave Diamond Pendant Drop Gem .43cttw Diamond .22cttw

2. Beautifully Radiant Ladies Pave Diamond Disc Pendant on Cable Chain Diamond .22cttw
Price: $630.00
Ladies Pave Diamond Disc Pendant on Cable Chain Diamond .22cttw

3. Halo Style Pave Diamond Dangle Earrings with Milgrain Trim Diamond .25cttw
Price: $970.00
Halo Style Pave Diamond Dangle Earrings with Milgrain Trim Diamond .25cttw

4. Ladies Chain Link Bracelet with Textured Asymmetrical Stations and Pave Diamond Accent Diamond .04cttw
Price: $1,420.00
Ladies Chain Link Bracelet with Textured Asymmetrical Stations and Pave Diamond Accent Diamond .04cttw

5. Elegant in design this ladies 21 stone round prong set Journey Of Life diamond heart pendant. Diamond .50cttw Gh/i1
Price: $900.00 (Chain sold separately)
Ladies 21 Stone Round prong Set Journey Of Life Diamond Heart Pendant Diamond .50cttw Gh/i1 (Chain not included)

6. 22mm 42 Stone Round Shared prong Set Diamond Hoop Earrings Diamond 1.50cttw Gh/i1
Price: $ 2,075.00
22mm 42 Stone Round Shared prong Set Diamond Hoop Earrings Diamond 1.50cttw Gh/i1

7. Gorgeous set of 6 multi colored cable bangles with milgrain accented bars
Price: $325.00
Charriol Celtic Classique Collection Set Of 6 Multi Colored Cable Bangles with Milgrain Accented Bars

8. Ladies Fashion Polished and Pave Diamond Right Hand Ring Diamond .39cttw
(Available in sizes 4.5 to 7.5)
Price: $850.00
Ladies Fashion Polished and Pave Diamond Right Hand Ring Diamond .39cttw (Available in sizes 4.5 to 7.5)
9.  Ladies 7.25″ Textured and Polished Circle and Oval Fancy Link Bracelet
Price: $435.00
Ladies 7.25 Textured and Polished Circle and Oval Fancy Link Bracelet

10. Ladies 4 prong Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet Diamond .50cttw G-I
Price: $2,525.00
Ladies 4 prong Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet Diamond .50cttw G-I

Summer Is All About Yellow

What looks better than yellow under the simmering sun? Whether it is a yellow top, a bikini or sandals we can all agree that yellow is a must have this summer. We are choosing to focus on  fancy yellow diamonds and yellow gold jewelry; a popular theme among customers at Diamonds by Eyal this summer.

Yellow Gold
In its natural state gold is yellow; however, it is mixed with other metals like copper in order to strengthen it for daily use. Yellow gold is easier to maintain than white gold because it does not have to be re-plated with rhodium to restore its color. The yellow gold trend stemmed from the red carpet; various celebrities have been spotted with yellow gold jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, even engagement rings. Not only does yellow gold offer warmth and shine it also is more practical. We believe this trend will increase in popularity and last through the cold months.


Fancy Yellow Diamonds
Most people are familiar with white diamonds and the white diamond color scale. Fancy yellow diamonds are not rated on the same scale as white diamonds. The scale for fancy yellow diamonds ranges from lightest, fancy light yellow to darkest, fancy vivid yellow. Although fancy yellow diamonds are quite expensive and rare they have captured the attention of investors and celebrities. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, these colored beauties are rapidly rising in price. Similar to  gold, fancy yellow diamonds sparkle beautifully under the sun’s rays.



If you would like to view our exclusive yellow gold and fancy yellow diamond collections, or if you have any inquiries feel free to call 561.999.8878