New Year brings in new trends…but Diamonds never go out of style!

For those who aren’t quite up to date on the happenings within the Diamond and jewelry world in 2016, I will be providing a short recap of some interesting things going on throughout the year.

It’s been a big year for change including the concept of producing and distributing lab-grown diamonds. Although this term isn’t new to our ears, it has grown and now being considered a mainstream option. This had become apparent when Stuller, jewelry manufacturer and supplier, added these to the mix in order to give their customers more options. From improvements in technology comes a steady stream of new stones which are usually 50-60% cheaper compared to mined diamonds listed on RapNet. These diamonds still come with a report from the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab and a unique inscription on the girdle. We all know that when things are cheaper it tends to be a compromise. This compromise is in your depreciation. The resale will not hold the purchase price so it may not be the best for investment purposes. Stuller says its lab-grown diamonds are kept in a separate vault, stored and shipped in a distinct blue acrylic box, and always is handled separately from its mined diamond inventory (

Although this new trend has finally hit, mined diamonds are still in high demand. The beauty of a mined diamond is incomparable along with a longer life expectancy than manufactured diamonds, makes them irreplaceable.  De Beers officially opened its new Canadian mine, Gahcho Kué, in September. The site is expected to produce approximately 54 millionjubilee-ruby carats of rough diamonds over its 13-year lifetime. With new mines opening up and the population preference of mined diamonds, who knows, maybe the new trend of manufactured diamonds will end sooner than we think.

The oval-shaped 15.99-carat “Jubilee Ruby” sold for $14.2 million at Christie’s in April, making it the most expensive colored gemstone ever sold at auction in the United States.


In May, Lucara sold the sixth-largest gem-quality diamond ever unearthed–a 812.77-carat, Type IIa stone discovered at the Karowe mine in Botswana–for $63.1 million, or $77,649 per carat, setting a new world record for a rough diamond.botwana-diamond

In early June, just as the industry was descending on Las Vegas for market week, the American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America jointly aperidot-ringnnounced they were adding spinel as a birthstone for August, joining peridot.

I know most people keep up with the media, so you may have heard that Kim Kardashian West was the victim of a jewelry robbery in early October at a hotel in Paris. Five men allegedly threatened the hotel concierge to gain access to her room and then stole millions in jewelry from the reality star. In more positive news, Rob Bates, Temple St. Clair and Cartier took home the awards for media, jewelry design and watch design at Jewelers of America’s 14th annual Gem Awards, while WatchTime’s Joe Thompson was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Keep an eye out for Greenery which has been declared the color of the year for 2017.

DON’T FORGET, Diamonds are forever! XO

What the Stars Wore to the Red Carpet and After

reese charlize heidirings heid brie OctopusAre we still thinking about the Oscars? Well yes, we are still focused on the jewelry worn. It’s not just about the dresses but the bling bling! Yes as you expected, tons of diamonds all over the place. Plunging necklines with beautiful drop necklaces, gorgeous earrings, unusual bracelets and show stopping rings ran down the red carpet last Sunday night.

Charlize Theron from Mad Max: Fury Road wore an extra long 48.8cttw diamond cluster necklace by Harry Winston, falling straight down the plunging -V-neckline on a breathtaking red dress. It was the focal point of her image that night. Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones, Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon accessorized with Tiffany and Co. jewels. Sophie Turner wore a modernized version of the diamond cluster necklace along with Tiffany Soleste earrings in platinum with a Tiffany Victoria alternating platinum diamond bands. Cate wore drop earrings with marquise and round diamonds, a cuff with a starfish design using round diamonds and a ring with a 2.30ct center stone and a donut of diamonds surrounding the center stone. This ring came from Tiffany and Co.’s 2016 catalog. Reese wore more than a million dollars’ worth of diamonds. Earrings made with pear and marquis shaped diamonds. A few platinum bracelets made up of marquise, pear and round shaped diamonds set in platinum. The ring she wore had a center emerald cut tsavorite at 7.49ct surrounded by white round diamonds.

Some of the other favorites wore Neil Lane jewelry one of the other jewelers featured on the red carpet. Olivia Wilde wore a diamond cluster Neil Lane choker with her plunging Valentino gown. Jennifer Garner also wore Neil Lane. The jeweler lent her 4 diamond Tennis Bracelets totaling 150ct and worth 2.5 million dollars. Along with the bracelets came beautiful emerald and diamond earrings and an emerald cut ring totaling $250,000. As always Lorraine Schwarz is a popular jewelry designer giving a modern twist. Lady Gaga wore 90ct earrings by Lorraine Schwartz 30cts on the top and 60cts on the bottom with an $8 million dollar price tag (I think I’ll take a pair of those). Heidi Klum wore Lorraine Schwartz pink hued earrings along with three gorgeous rings combining a total of 67 carats worth $2.5 million dollars.

Brie Larson was counted among the few to put some bling in her hair. Brie wasn’t as bling bling as some of the rest. Whoopie Goldberg was the winner with this crazy octopus handpiece.

The chandelier earring was the most popular leaving the neck bare and have the earrings be the focal point. Saoirse Ronan’s Chopard, nominated for Brooklyn, purposely wore mismatched earrings, one white one green.
Beauty is all around; the glistening of diamonds is constantly reflected on their gorgeous faces and all around. The crowds are blinded by the sparkle and bling. I wish we could bring some of that back to Boca Raton. As Boca Raton is a haven for gorgeous people and gorgeous jewelry especially at Diamonds by Eyal. We would love to show our stunning diamonds to you.

The market is not doing great, what’s the deal with colored diamonds? Should I invest in fancy colored diamonds?

fancy-color-diamondsI’ve spoken about this before but I thought it was worth a revisit especially since the stock market hasn’t been the best. Fancy colored diamonds is how we refer to the different natural color hues of diamonds. You can have yellow diamonds, pink, blue, orange, green and the most rare are red diamonds these come in various diamond cuts. These colored diamonds are a beautiful alternative to the white diamond although they do cost a bit more. As colored diamonds are very rare and the more rare a diamond is the higher the cost.
What makes a colored diamond so valuable?
The white diamonds are much more bountiful the colored diamond is about 1 in 10,000 of all the diamonds in the world. The production of colored diamonds has declined which makes it as mentioned earlier even more rare.
Where do Fancy colored diamonds come from?
Natural fancy color diamonds are completely created from nature and thus their worth stems from the fact that they are each a gift of the earth, each unique, each one of a kind. For the last 2.5 decades, the value of natural fancy color diamonds has only gone up. These prices are projected to continue to escalate.
The environmental conditions for a natural fancy color diamond have to be just perfect in order for nature to succeed in creating a stone full of such gorgeous color. While some investors may seek out certain colors to add to their portfolios there’s no doubt about it –prices for ALL colors of natural fancy diamonds are steadily rising. There are simply not enough colored diamonds to go around.
Recently, investors in commodities such as gold, silver oil and real estate have incurred incredible losses as the market has made a sharp economic downturn. Investors are looking for a better safeguard for their money. Fancy color diamonds are proving to be that safer solution.
Risk and Reward
Prices for natural color diamonds have only been increasing for the last 4 decades. Much has been written and predicted by financial analysts, industry experts and economic forecasters across the board regarding color diamonds and their future investment success. That in of itself speaks volumes about the small risk factors involved in investing in natural colored stones as long as investors purchase wisely and for the medium and long term.
High Reward
The rewards for investing in natural color diamonds are quite high. Industry experts agree these are safe and secure assets for an investor’s portfolio. Their extreme scarcity, distinctive beauty and great desirability only aid in making them wonderful investment opportunities. Not market shifts, nor interest rates, nor political upheaval can affect their value. Simply put, supply and demand are the main factors affecting the future values of natural colored stones, and these factors are only in the investor’s favor since low supply and high demand can only assist in producing profitable outcome.
If you are looking for a sound investment give Diamonds by Eyal in Boca Raton a call to discuss this investment further.

Buying A Brilliant Diamond for the New Year?

This time of year, many people focus on setting goals, bettering themselves, and starting fresh in honor of the New Year. What can you do to start the year off on the right foot? Buy a brilliant diamond, of course! What better way to ring in the New Year with a positive attitude than wearing a sparkly, brilliant diamond around your neck, wrist or finger?

Here are some useful tips to follow this year to get that BLING!



Create A Budget and Stick To It.

After a long holiday season of shopping for gifts, your budget may be a little limited when it comes to wanting to splurge on a brilliant diamond. BUT don’t worry! Many online retailers offer their best deals in January, after the hustle and bustle of the nonstop madness of holiday shopping has died down. When looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, definitely be sure to stick to your budget.

Ask for help. It’s Okay!

Unless you’re a diamond expert, understanding cut, color, carat and clarity can be a little confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Here at Diamonds by Eyal wehave no problem answering any questions of concerns that you may have in regards to your diamonds of interest..  You have direct access to Eyal the Diamond expert.  Just give us a call to set an appointment (561) 999-8878

Research What You Want

Are you buying a gift for a loved one? The best way to make sure you pick the perfect brilliant diamond is to do a little digging through her jewelry box. See what styles she tends to wear most, and what shaped diamonds she prefers.

Does she already have a pair of diamond studs? Maybe you should go for a necklace or bracelet instead. This will help you avoid getting a migraine by playing  the guessing game of trying to match your loved one’s style to the many options available for diamond jewelry.

What’s Trending?

Now that you’re convinced about buying a diamond to celebrate the New Year, what kind should you get? Here’s a look at the top trend predictions for 2016:

Delicate settings

Many diamond experts predict diamonds will be placed in simpler, delicate settings during 2016. Think smaller halos for engagement rings, or solitaire diamond pendants for necklaces. If you want to follow the trend but still show a little flash, opt for a bigger solitaire diamond surrounded by a smaller setting to really make the brilliant diamond pop!


Pear shaped

This year, expect the pear shaped brilliant diamond to make a huge comeback! This unusual cut is unique and eclectic, perfect for ladies who truly want to make a statement with their diamond jewelry. Wear the pear shaped diamond in beautiful rings, earrings or pendant necklaces.



Yellow gold

Style experts predict that yellow gold will be the popular choice to pair with diamonds this year. Choosing yellow gold adds a vintage feel to the piece while still allowing the brilliant diamond jewelry to remain timeless.

Without a doubt, buying a brilliant diamond around New Year’s is a great way to kick off a year filled with love, joy and of course, sparkle!



What about a pink gold engagement ring?

Pretty in Pink has returned. It is the it color of the new generation on engagements. The young woman are going for the pink. Pink was very popular in Russia during the 19th century. And it was known as Russian gold since they were the only ones to wear jewelry in that color. Pink gold is a mixture of yellow gold with copper to give it the pink hue.

In the 1920s Louis Cartier and Jean Cocteau (a French novelist and playwright) made this pink color popular with the “Trinity” ring. It is 3 bands of yellow, white and pink gold intertwined. The white gold band stands for friendship, the yellow gold band stands for fidelity and the rose gold band for love. As Cocteau became a huge fan of pink gold and wore 2 trinity bands stacked on his left pinky. The trinity band took off in French society, everyone wanted a Cartier Trinity band. After five decades of Cocteau’s death, his home has been restored with support from Cartier. To celebrate the grand reopening of his home on this occasion, Cartier has added to its Trinity line. The Trinity La Belle has six rolling bands with the inspiration being that Cocteau stacked the Trinitys. Beautiful idea. They also added pendants and bracelets with a similar influence. Cartier has expanded on this idea and has set diamonds in a pave style and in a

During the Art Deco Era of the 30s, the jewelry gave way to a diamond platinum look. More monochromatic and metallic looking, with sharp angles and much flash. During WWII, platinum was needed in the war efforts which led to the use of gold once again. Yellow gold became popular and engagement rings went back to yellow gold. In the past 20 years it moved on to white gold, more economical, as white gold is less expensive than platinum. Therefore the settings for the rings became more affordable.

So why pink gold for engagement rings? you ask. There are many reasons the brides are going for pink. It is a more subtle and a different option for those that want to skip the white yellow look. It’s very fashionable as mentioned earlier. It also flatters most skin tones from dark to light. The pink color allows you to mix and match with other gold colors also. It’s not always up to the woman to decide but she can drop subtle hints as to what she wants to get like showing her boyfriend images that she took with her phone. Email the images to your best friend and boyfriend. You never know who he might ask for advice as to what to buy and what color gold. Who knew there were so many options. Pink is unique and a trendsetter. We will see more pink rings as he time goes by.

Whether you want a hint of rose gold or a full rose gold ring you can’t go wrong. Pink is best in Boca Raton.174116 174117 173657

Should I Get My Mother In Law a Mother’s Day Gift?

downloadThat is somewhat of a rhetorical question. But of course you should, and your husband, fiancée or boyfriend should make sure to tell his mother that it was your idea. An even better idea would be if you bought a gift independently from your significant other.  If you are pre wedding or post engagement make sure that you try to build a relationship with her. Get to know your future mother-in-law’s likes and dislikes. If you are already married you should have somewhat of an idea of what she is into. Where is her favorite shop? What does she like to do?  You can share your favorite shops with her. My Mother in-law likes everything I have, including my bras. I don’t get upset or threatened, I embrace it. I have not always been that way but last year I changed my attitude, I embrace the idea. When she is visiting I take her to my favorite stores and she goes to town buying out the store. When she visits I try to have a gift waiting for her, it is so important to make her feel extra special and not left out. Mother’s day is the one day out of the year that we try to make the day a memorable one for our moms and mother-in-laws. Does she like flowers? My mother-in-law thinks flowers are just a waste of money they die after a week. Obviously I won’t be getting her flowers. Don’t bother with the clothing. You don’t want to insult your mother in law by getting too big of a size, she might come back with a she thinks I’m so fat. The clothing might not be flattering to her figure. I know nobody knows my body as well as I do.  Don’t even take a chance, forget the clothing it makes a terrible gift.  Chocolates just add to the waistline. Certainly, no woman wants to add to her waistline especially my mother in law, although I always like a good box of chocolates (hint, hint….).  Jewelry is her favorite thing to get, and mine, I would take it over chocolates any day. We are hoping to get my mother in law a beautiful necklace that has a pendant with all the initials of all her grandchildren in diamonds on it. Another piece that would be nice is a bracelet with the dangling initials. A client of ours made sure that her fiancé gave his mother (her future mother in law) a gorgeous yellow diamond right hand ring. Treating your mother in law right is very important to a happy marriage. I have found many pieces in 33486 area code. You have to trust the people and let them advise you as to what is right and worth your money and time. Sometimes, his mom plays a huge role in your marriage, she was the number 1 gal before you came into the picture, don’t let her feel threatened or jealous of you. Take it in stride and shower her with jewelry. Like I always say, nobody ever turns down a piece of jewelry.

How Can I Make her First Mother’s Day Special?

So it’s her first Mother’s Day, its a momentas day. The question is what to get her that will always bring back to that special time. Give her something that she will remember forever! 15699013313_5b7545e7ec_bFlowers die, chocolates get eaten, breakfasts come and go-a piece of jewelry lasts forever. She will remember it with a smile every time she puts the piece on. Whatever your budget give her something that lasts!!!

So it’s tax day-Did you receive a refund? boca raton

It’s April 15th and your taxes are due. Did you get some money back? A client of ours received a refund of $2000, what to do with it? They decided to use the money for something that the wife had been dreaming of doing for years. She had an engagement setting that she hadn’t chosen and never really liked it. It was dear to her because her husband had given it to her but it had been time for a change for a while but the extra cash wasn’t there. She came to us and looked at all the settings, she opted for a double halo and never looked back. She traded in her old setting and used some of the refund to cover the cost. It was a dream come true for her. So when you want to make your dreams come true come pay us a visit and maybe we can help you.taxes!

**Wedding Tips** for your Registry 33486

Weddings are expensive but one of the best parts of it is your wedding registry. It’s like your birthday all over again as a kid and you even get to pick the items you and your hubby want and need.
There are many different varieties of stores you can register at for your wedding registry and the best part is that you don’t have to choose just one. Different department stores such as JC Penny, Kohl’s and Target have a wide variety of necessities, from dishwear, silverwear, cups, pots and pans, coffee makers as well as other kitchen utilities/decoration. Along with the kitchen necessities which may take up quite a bit of room on your list, you may also want to consider things such as bedding – sheets/comforters, electronics, bathroom necessities, towels, decorative household items, etc, but beforehand you should make a list with your hubby of what you both already have, what you guys need to get and what you can throw out since you will be living together. Although these three are some of the top registeries people use, you are definitely not limited to choosing from even our list of top registeries.
It’s also a great idea to add more to your registry than what you need because due to your guests budgets, you want items on your registry that can cover a wide range of prices for good gifts. This will put a variety of items you’ve registered so that you can accomodate all guest budgets.

Top Wedding Registeries
5.Crate & Barrel
6.Bed Bath & Beyond
8.JC Penny
9.Nemian Marcus
10.Williams & Sonoma

Upgrading your Engagement Ring 33486

So you’ve been married to your wife for quite some time now and she’s in love with the initial diamond you proposed to her with. After some time, you may feel that your wife deserves something even bigger and prettier since you probably were on a tighter budget the first time around. Types of setting styles change with the trends as years pass.
At this point, upgrading her ring cannot really be a surprise because you will need the old ring to show the jeweler and she will panic if she thinks she lost it. Also, her input is the most important, because we want to give her exactly what she wants.
We see a lot of people come in with a gorgeous center diamond and they just want a new setting. In most cases, the wives are fully involved in choosing the new setting they want. A new setting can do a lot for a beautiful diamond. This is an easy way to upgrade her sentimental, original diamond by giving an entirely new look to it by placing the original stone in a brand new setting. A new setting can make all the difference and even make the look of the center stone larger, all depending on setting that is chosen. Once you see the look on her face when you give her the brand new ring, it will all be worth it.
The example below depicts one of our extremely happy clients that shared with us how much she loves her new ring.
She decided to keep the center stone that was originally purchased and replaced the setting with a completely new design. This totally changed the all around look of her ring, without having to pay the heavy cost of a larger diamond, she couldn’t be happier.
The setting she chose really shows off the brilliance of the center diamond. Also, the halo around it also increases the look of this 1.75ct center stone. This is definitely a great anniversary or birthday gift or just because you love her!

(Left) Original diamond & setting (Right)New setting with original center stone