About Our Showroom

You expect enduring benefits when you acquire high-value jewelry. Providing the most competitive pricing has established our Boca Raton jewelry store, Diamonds by Eyal, as the most trusted resource from among the most highly-respected private jewelers. Our selection of certified stones, rare fancy color diamonds and original jewelry designs are priced to deliver the value assurance we’ve offered clients for five generations.


With our unmatched jewelry inventory, superb customer service and competitive pricing, our clients can have the peace of mind that we’ll always have the diamonds or jewelry piece they are looking for at our Boca Raton jewelry store. If you would like to indulge in a diamond of fine quality or just find the right piece for your special someone, Diamonds by Eyal is the right choice for you. You are invited to sit in our Boca diamond room while we serve you; you don’t have to stand over a counter while debating over a diamond or a piece of jewelry. Diamonds by Eyal is a by-appointment-only operation; we meet with clients on weekends, after work hours, whatever time is most convenient. Jewelry and diamond shopping by-appointment-only gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with a qualified expert. When selecting the diamond or jewelry piece you like you will have privacy, as well as, time. There is never a rush to get to the next person. Please feel free to contact our Boca Raton jewelry store in order to get the best value for your investment.


Our South Florida and Boca Raton customers come first. Diamonds by Eyal recognizes that total customer satisfaction is essential to our success. And we realize that repeat business from our valued customers and their positive referrals to others is the lifeblood of our business. Therefore, we pledge to always ensure that the quality of our jewelry, the absolute accuracy as to how it is represented to customers, and our extremely attractive pricing based on the simple philosophy that “When we buy well we must always price well,” must never be compromised. All this, followed by absolute insistence on making every conceivable effort to correct any reasonable customer complaint promptly and cordially, constitutes the all-important and sacred mission statement of Diamonds by Eyal in Boca Raton.