Platinum! For Better Or Worse?

Platinum wedding rings are purchased by brides and by grooms. This beautiful, tactile precious metal can be fashioned into almost every wedding band design imaginable. Platinum can be engraved, machined, set with diamonds, matte finished or polished.
Most brides are influenced by the metal of their engagement ring. Jewelers advocate keeping to the same metal choice to ensure consistency with both wear and color between both rings.
Buyers of Platinum wedding rings often base their choice on learning the following benefits of Platinum.

A key benefit of Platinum is the natural whiteness. By comparison, white gold is ever so slightly tinted – finished with a white Rhodium plating which can wear over time. Platinum requires no plating. You see the bare metal typically polished with a mirror surface.
Platinum can be refurbished.  Some metals don’t take kindly to being worked, repaired and re-finished. Owing to the natural density of Platinum, it can be re-furbished – returned to it’s as-new appearance, mirror polished and gleaming. Many antique pieces of Platinum jewelry remain in circulation – testament to the durability of Platinum. Less metal is lost during re-polishing. As a result Platinum wedding rings wear very well over many years. The natural patina that builds on the surface – accumulated scratches and wear are seen as a desirable characteristic of antique jewelry so buyers should never feel concerned when scratches first appear. They can be removed by simply re-polishing the ring, or by using non-abrasive Platinum cloths.

Platinum feels LUXURIOUS

Jewelry is not just about appearance. As you drop a Platinum wedding ring into the palm of your hand, it is the feel of luxury which is most striking. The first thing you will notice is the weight. Platinum has a weighty, substantial feel to it – weighing approximately a third heavier than 18ct white gold. It is around twice as heavy as Palladium.

Platinum is STRONG
Platinum is strong, making it a perfect metal for setting diamonds. The surface of Platinum is not extremely hard and it will scratch, but malleability is different. The fact that Platinum is less easily bent – less malleable makes it a great choice for holding diamonds with greater strength than many other metal choices.

Platinum is RARE
If you placed all of the World’s mined Platinum in an Olympic sized swimming pool, it would barely cover the depth of your ankles. Platinum is a rare metal – the cost of extraction and the amount of Platinum available, make this metal rare and therefore more expensive with a much higher intrinsic value than other precious metals. There is a significant for demand for Platinum, and the use actually stretches much further than most people know. Most of us carry some Platinum in our pockets – small quantities are found in the circuitry of our mobile phones.

Platinum wedding rings are perfect for allergy sufferers or for people with sensitive skin. Provided rings are kept clean, Platinum remains a perfect choice for wedding rings worn every day.
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Buying A Brilliant Diamond for the New Year?

This time of year, many people focus on setting goals, bettering themselves, and starting fresh in honor of the New Year. What can you do to start the year off on the right foot? Buy a brilliant diamond, of course! What better way to ring in the New Year with a positive attitude than wearing a sparkly, brilliant diamond around your neck, wrist or finger?

Here are some useful tips to follow this year to get that BLING!



Create A Budget and Stick To It.

After a long holiday season of shopping for gifts, your budget may be a little limited when it comes to wanting to splurge on a brilliant diamond. BUT don’t worry! Many online retailers offer their best deals in January, after the hustle and bustle of the nonstop madness of holiday shopping has died down. When looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, definitely be sure to stick to your budget.

Ask for help. It’s Okay!

Unless you’re a diamond expert, understanding cut, color, carat and clarity can be a little confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Here at Diamonds by Eyal wehave no problem answering any questions of concerns that you may have in regards to your diamonds of interest..  You have direct access to Eyal the Diamond expert.  Just give us a call to set an appointment (561) 999-8878

Research What You Want

Are you buying a gift for a loved one? The best way to make sure you pick the perfect brilliant diamond is to do a little digging through her jewelry box. See what styles she tends to wear most, and what shaped diamonds she prefers.

Does she already have a pair of diamond studs? Maybe you should go for a necklace or bracelet instead. This will help you avoid getting a migraine by playing  the guessing game of trying to match your loved one’s style to the many options available for diamond jewelry.

What’s Trending?

Now that you’re convinced about buying a diamond to celebrate the New Year, what kind should you get? Here’s a look at the top trend predictions for 2016:

Delicate settings

Many diamond experts predict diamonds will be placed in simpler, delicate settings during 2016. Think smaller halos for engagement rings, or solitaire diamond pendants for necklaces. If you want to follow the trend but still show a little flash, opt for a bigger solitaire diamond surrounded by a smaller setting to really make the brilliant diamond pop!


Pear shaped

This year, expect the pear shaped brilliant diamond to make a huge comeback! This unusual cut is unique and eclectic, perfect for ladies who truly want to make a statement with their diamond jewelry. Wear the pear shaped diamond in beautiful rings, earrings or pendant necklaces.



Yellow gold

Style experts predict that yellow gold will be the popular choice to pair with diamonds this year. Choosing yellow gold adds a vintage feel to the piece while still allowing the brilliant diamond jewelry to remain timeless.

Without a doubt, buying a brilliant diamond around New Year’s is a great way to kick off a year filled with love, joy and of course, sparkle!