Top 10 Gift Ideas For Her

Gorgeous gifts for the lucky girl on your list. Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom, sister or best friend,  there is a gift here she’ll love.

1. Ladies Rolo Link Chain with Round Bezel Set Diamond Accents and Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire and Pave Diamond Pendant Drop Gem .43cttw Diamond .22cttw.
Price: $1,015.00
Ladies Rolo Link Chain with Round Bezel Set Diamond Accents and Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire and Pave Diamond Pendant Drop Gem .43cttw Diamond .22cttw

2. Beautifully Radiant Ladies Pave Diamond Disc Pendant on Cable Chain Diamond .22cttw
Price: $630.00
Ladies Pave Diamond Disc Pendant on Cable Chain Diamond .22cttw

3. Halo Style Pave Diamond Dangle Earrings with Milgrain Trim Diamond .25cttw
Price: $970.00
Halo Style Pave Diamond Dangle Earrings with Milgrain Trim Diamond .25cttw

4. Ladies Chain Link Bracelet with Textured Asymmetrical Stations and Pave Diamond Accent Diamond .04cttw
Price: $1,420.00
Ladies Chain Link Bracelet with Textured Asymmetrical Stations and Pave Diamond Accent Diamond .04cttw

5. Elegant in design this ladies 21 stone round prong set Journey Of Life diamond heart pendant. Diamond .50cttw Gh/i1
Price: $900.00 (Chain sold separately)
Ladies 21 Stone Round prong Set Journey Of Life Diamond Heart Pendant Diamond .50cttw Gh/i1 (Chain not included)

6. 22mm 42 Stone Round Shared prong Set Diamond Hoop Earrings Diamond 1.50cttw Gh/i1
Price: $ 2,075.00
22mm 42 Stone Round Shared prong Set Diamond Hoop Earrings Diamond 1.50cttw Gh/i1

7. Gorgeous set of 6 multi colored cable bangles with milgrain accented bars
Price: $325.00
Charriol Celtic Classique Collection Set Of 6 Multi Colored Cable Bangles with Milgrain Accented Bars

8. Ladies Fashion Polished and Pave Diamond Right Hand Ring Diamond .39cttw
(Available in sizes 4.5 to 7.5)
Price: $850.00
Ladies Fashion Polished and Pave Diamond Right Hand Ring Diamond .39cttw (Available in sizes 4.5 to 7.5)
9.  Ladies 7.25″ Textured and Polished Circle and Oval Fancy Link Bracelet
Price: $435.00
Ladies 7.25 Textured and Polished Circle and Oval Fancy Link Bracelet

10. Ladies 4 prong Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet Diamond .50cttw G-I
Price: $2,525.00
Ladies 4 prong Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet Diamond .50cttw G-I

Gorgeous Engagement Rings! Which would you wear?

Whether you’re searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for her, doing some research for him, want to delight in happily-ever-after daydreams or just like looking at pretty diamond rings, Diamonds by Eyal is the place for you.

Classic Solitaire
Diamond Solitaires are a classic expression of love. They perfectly showcase the brilliance and charm of the diamond. In a classic solitaire the center stone stands for itself, there are no other diamonds or designs to take away from the diamond. Solitaires will never go out of style and they make good heirloom pieces.

Antique Style
Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings ike lace, high-waisted jeans, and skinny jeans, have come back in style. The antique style rings are romantic and beautifully crafted.The exquisite features combine for gorgeous intricacy. These rings evoke a feeling of treasured family heirloom.


Fancy Colored
Just gaining popularity colored stone engagement rings, they are perfect for the girl who likes to stand out from the crowd. The rings are pricey because fancy colored diamonds are quite rare.      Celebrities have increased the popularity of these eye-catching rings.


Three-Stone Rings
Three-stone engagement rings represent the past,present and future.The three stones signify love in the past, love in the present and love in the future. The three-stone ring is not exclusive to proposals, it can be given as a gift on many occasions. A timeless way to say “I love you”.

Tension Settings
Tension setting engagement rings are very unique and modern. Most contemporary styles feature a bezel-set and a design in which the diamond seems to float. Tension rings are also budget friendly and graceful. They are perfect for girls who are edgy and unique.


Halo Settings
One of the hottest trends, the Halo Pave engagement ring enhances the diamond’s beauty making it appear larger, while increasing the ring’s. Halo Pave settings that have diamonds all around the band can be difficult to re-size because the diamonds run the risk of falling out.



Eyal’s Top 10 Jewelry Tips

Whether you have tons of jewelry pieces or simply have a diamond engagement ring and wedding band, your jewelry will not take care of itself. Eyal Cohen the diamond expert at Diamond by Eyal has listed the most important jewelry tips.

1. Avoid wearing your jewelry while  exercising, showering, cooking, cleaning, swimming, washing the dishes, styling your hair, and putting on lotion. Our bodies have natural oils that can diminish the brilliance of the stone. Furthermore, household products, chlorine, bleach, and saltwater can damage your jewelry., the diamond expert at Diamonds by Eyal has provided essential tips that will help you care for your pieces.

2. Only deal with jewelers that you fully trust. And do not let your diamond engagement ring and other diamond jewelry out of your sight when dealing with a jeweler you don’t know very well.

3. Insure your jewelry in the event that your piece is stolen or lost.

4. You can check for loose stones by holding your diamond piece close to your ear and gently tapping it. You will hear rattling if there are any loose stones. If you hear loose stones, see chipped stones or missing diamonds go to your jeweler as soon as possible.

5. Touching your diamond with your fingers will cause the stone to loose brilliance due to the fact that our fingers have natural oils.

6. Have your jewelry inspected every 6 months for loose or chipped stones, broken prongs, worn mountings, and other wear and tear.

7. Do not remove your engagement ring and wedding band in a public place, especially in a public restroom while washing your hands. The possibility of forgetting your ring ledge of the sink, losing the piece or dropping it down the drain is not worth the risk.

8. Have your jewelry professionally cleaned every 6 months. Over time particles will gather up on your diamond jewelry pieces. Cleaning the piece will give it a whole new look. Diamonds by Eyal offers free of charge diamond and jewelry cleaning to all customers.

9. Have your jewelry appraised when you first purchase the piece. Don’t forget to have your jewelry re-appraised every 3-5 years.

10. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry, and safe place. When you take off your rings make sure you place them in a secure area.

Summer Is All About Yellow

What looks better than yellow under the simmering sun? Whether it is a yellow top, a bikini or sandals we can all agree that yellow is a must have this summer. We are choosing to focus on  fancy yellow diamonds and yellow gold jewelry; a popular theme among customers at Diamonds by Eyal this summer.

Yellow Gold
In its natural state gold is yellow; however, it is mixed with other metals like copper in order to strengthen it for daily use. Yellow gold is easier to maintain than white gold because it does not have to be re-plated with rhodium to restore its color. The yellow gold trend stemmed from the red carpet; various celebrities have been spotted with yellow gold jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, even engagement rings. Not only does yellow gold offer warmth and shine it also is more practical. We believe this trend will increase in popularity and last through the cold months.


Fancy Yellow Diamonds
Most people are familiar with white diamonds and the white diamond color scale. Fancy yellow diamonds are not rated on the same scale as white diamonds. The scale for fancy yellow diamonds ranges from lightest, fancy light yellow to darkest, fancy vivid yellow. Although fancy yellow diamonds are quite expensive and rare they have captured the attention of investors and celebrities. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, these colored beauties are rapidly rising in price. Similar to  gold, fancy yellow diamonds sparkle beautifully under the sun’s rays.



If you would like to view our exclusive yellow gold and fancy yellow diamond collections, or if you have any inquiries feel free to call 561.999.8878



Valentine’s Day Special: Hearts and Arrows Cut Diamonds

Valentine’s Day is a couple days away!

There is no better time than now to read about the Hearts and Arrows diamond cut. Most jewelers emphasize the importance of all the 4 “C”s; we like to focus on the cut. The cut is the most important “C” because it can enhance the brilliance of a stone and transform it from dull to brilliant.

Everyone purchasing a diamond should consider and know about the Hearts and Arrows (H&A) cut. The H&A diamond cut is one of our absolute favorites. The Hearts and Arrows Diamond is cut and aligned to “ideal” proportions. H&A cut diamonds are precision cut variations of the 57 faceted brilliant round cut. Hearts and Arrows are extraordinary in delivering high brilliance, fire and sparkle. The symmetry of the H&A allows light to enter and reflect back out. The brilliance makes the diamonds appear larger and whiter. We like to say “diamonds are like people, some diamonds are dull while others are blooming with happiness”. The Hearts and Arrows diamond cut allows the diamond to stand out from the crowd. The brilliance of the Hearts and Arrows is superior to that of other fine cut diamonds of the same size.

 The Hearts and Arrows diamond cut originated in Japan in the mid 1980’s. It became popular in the United States around the 1990’s. Since the Hearts and Arrows have optically perfect symmetry they take much longer to cut than other diamonds. Less than 1% of diamonds are qualified as Hearts and Arrows. Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds are superior in value and price.

 With the use of a Hearts and Arrows viewer you can see the symmetric patterns of the Hearts and Arrows diamond. When viewing a Hearts and Arrows from the top (crown) you will see 8 symmetrical arrows. When flipped over to the pavilion side you will see a  pattern of 8 hearts with small “V” shapes. On the picture below you can see the arrows in the diamond.

Diamonds By Eyal has an unmatched inventory of Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Call to make an appointment so you can see these beauties (561) 999-8878 or make an appointment online.

Investor’s Best Friend: Fancy Colored Diamonds

Investing in fancy colored diamonds has gained popularity over the past three decades. Fancy colored diamonds have significantly increased in value over the past years. Even the most conservative investors are investing in these colored beauties.

Fancy diamonds are ageless and never loose their brilliance & sparkle. A fancy colored diamond is durable and transportable. It is also rare which makes it extremely valuable. For every 10,000 carats of white diamonds there is 1 carat of fancy diamonds. Investing in colored diamonds is considered a “long term investment” because it creates long-term prosperity for the investor. These rare diamonds maintain their value but appreciate greatly. Researchers are expecting fancy colored diamonds to triple in price in the future.

The most common fancy color is yellow, while the rarest is red. Other fancy colors include blue, green, pink and orange. All fancy colored diamonds, whether yellow or red, are predicted to increase in price tremendously over the next 30 years.Investing in fancy colored diamonds is a great way to preserve your wealth.If you decide to invest in fancy colored diamonds make sure the certificate has the word “natural” on it.

We Do Business Differently

To keep our overhead, and more importantly your prices low, we serve you by appointment. The appointment will be focused on you and your needs only. We want your experience at Diamonds by Eyal to be memorable and worth your time and money. We give you a chance to relax and examine your diamond and jewelry up close. You can ask questions without having to compete for the attention of a salesperson. At Diamonds By Eyal you will get straight answers and expert advice. We understand the significance of your purchase, whether your looking at $50 earrings or $15,000 studs you can be assured that we will treat your like first-class. During your visit you can also expect a few laughs. We really get to know our customers through our appointments; we have established long-term relationships with many clients. It’s the kind of  experience you won’t find at the mall or the mega-stores. Visit us for a jewelry shopping experience like no other store. Call us today at 561.999.8878 or make an appointment online.